List of Weekly Events, Challenges, and Rewards

inside Clash of Clans, there are many events happening every week based on the time of year and other factors that should keep us players interested and excited. They also offer attractive rewards, which I really appreciate, and I believe many players share my sentiments. In order to ensure that players are informed about the season’s plans, I created this platform to outline the weekly events planned for June 2024wild westseason in Clash of Clans, so let us find out!

Clash of Clans Weekly Events June 2024


Weekly events will follow this month Western theme, as we’ve already seen some amazing skins for Heroes that come with the Golden Ticket and shop as well. There are some events that are repeated every month Clan war leagues and Raid weekend. Therefore, we will not discuss these events in detail. It is also mentioned Challenges of the season throughout the month, so we’ll update this space as information becomes available.

Other events are given each week as follows.

Week 1: June 1 to June 7

Challenges of the season

Seasonal Challenges will run throughout the month and you can complete them and earn progression points towards your Gold Card.

1 Gem Army Boost

One gem of army reinforcementsOne gem of army reinforcements
Image via Supercell

Speed ​​up your army cooking thanks to this 1 Gem Army Boost now in the game.

4x Star Bonus

It’s time to fill your plates as the 4x bonus is also live and will run for two consecutive days starting June 1, 2024.

Week 2: June 8 to June 14

Super Troop Medal Competition

He will present the second week Great troops, with a medal for all of us. It will start on June 11, 2024.

Week 3: June 15th to June 21st

A series of events

Recently added A series of events will introduce a new event reward track to Clash of Clans that players can progress through as they complete multiplayer raids.

Week 4: June 22 to June 28

Clan games

June 2024 Clan Games will go live on March 22nd as usual and will run for one week until March 28th. Prizes and details will be revealed in the future.

Week 5: June 29 to June 30

Clash of Clans June 2024 Golden PassClash of Clans June 2024 Golden Pass
Image via Supercell

There is nothing extra on the schedule this week, but I see it as an opportunity for new challenges or events to come live.

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