Singer bitten by bat onstage

Taylor Momsen had a magical moment during her last performance.

The previous one Worker star and The Pretty Reckless frontwoman, 30, has revealed that she was bitten on the leg by a bat during her performance for AC/DC in Seville, Spain on Wednesday.

“So… ROCK AND ROLL MOMENT,” the singer captioned a video showing her injuries.

Momsen was on stage singing her band’s song Burn witches during the event.

Singer Taylor Momsen was bitten by a bat during a concert

In the video, the singer stopped her performance to address the crowd, who kept pointing at her leg to inform her of the incident.

Not noticing the creatures on her leg, Momsen turned in confusion until she looked down to find the bat had sunk its teeth into her left leg.

“She must really be a witch,” she told the crowd after calmly asking the stage crew for help.

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“A BAT flew into me and latched onto my leg… the moment I was performing and I had no idea until the incredible crowd was screaming and pointing,” she continued.

“He was cute, but he bit me,” he said Grinch the star added, noting that she will have to get a rabies shot in the next two weeks.

She ended her message by thanking the hospital staff, who nicknamed her “Batgirl” after seeing the moment on the local news.

In a separate video, Momsen detailed her incident.

“The bat flew at me and held on to me,” she explained, adding: “It scared the crap out of me and wanted to be my friend.”

She continued: “All the fans tried to tell me. They were pointing and I didn’t know what the hell they were saying. I thought I lost my bracelet,” she joked. “But no, there’s a bat stuck on my damn leg.”

One of Momsen’s famous followers, Natasha Bedingfield, showed concern for the singer under one of the videos.

“Did it hurt?” the A pocket full of sunshine the singer commented.

Momsen replied, “Bite? No. Recordings? YES.”

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