Kane Cornes has launched a tirade at the Adelaide Crows after Jack Gunston moment in heavy Hawthorn loss

Kane Cornes was at his best on Sunday and this time the Adelaide Football Club was his target.

In Saturday’s critical must-win clash against Hawthorn to realistically stay in the finals, the Crows barely fired a shot, going down 16.11 (107) to 12.8 (80) at the MCG.

But it wasn’t so much the performance that Cornes had issues with, although that was part of it, the Port Adelaide 300 player couldn’t believe what the Crows did after the loss.

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Hawks veteran Jack Gunston has just played his 250th AFL game, playing for three clubs.

The 32-year-old began his career with Adelaide back in 2010, spending just two seasons with the Crows before a highly successful spell with the Hawks, a season with the Lions before returning to Hawthorn this year.

Nevertheless, the Crows decided to line out and encourage Gunston from the floor, leaving Cornes, 41, stunned.

“For Adelaide, their worst performance of the season yesterday spelled the end of any chance of playing in the finals this year,” he began on the Channel 9 show. The Sunday Footy Show.

“It was a pathetic performance to be honest. So what do you do after a game after putting in a performance like that?

“Let’s stand in a guard of honor for a player who left the club after two years and played in three straight championships at Hawthorn and cheer him on for game 250.”

Cornes was then quick to voice his opinion on the predicament facing the Crows, who have finished 18th, 15th, 14th and 10th in coach Matthew Nicks’ four full seasons and currently sit 14th in a year that have announced that they will compete for the finals.

“Adelaide for me, Matthew Nicks a really nice guy but I think he’s too nice,” Cornes said.

“I think Jordan Dawson is a really sweet, nice guy. I mean, if your daughter brought him home for dinner and he was her boyfriend, I think he’d be pretty happy.

“Same with Matthew Nicks. There are many good things about the Adelaide Football Club.

“I can’t believe it, for game 250, which is a good milestone for Jack Gunston, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not worthy of a guard of honour.

“Your season is over, you’ve lost your 10-match streak at the MCG, you’re not playing in the final and you’re lining up for a player who’s left after two seasons to go and win three flags at another club.

“It was amazing, I couldn’t believe it.”

Asked by panelist Tony Jones what he would do in that situation, Cornes said, “I started.

“It was a shocking performance, their most disappointing of the year, now they’re not playing in the final, get off the ground and think how you’re going to turn it around.

“If I’m Taylor Walker, if I’m Jordan Dawson, I’m going to ask why are we standing in line for the 250?”

“Fifty two is not a milestone to be celebrated for another club.

“How do you rate Crows fans – so they call Gunston up to the club, he leaves after two years – the Crows fans are at home and they realize ‘this is our show’.

“Now we’re lining up a guy who’s gone after two years and three flags at Hawthorn.

“I couldn’t believe it. Why are we so nice?”

Former Bulldogs and Richmond forward Nathan Brown said: “I agree with you on that. I don’t often agree with you, but I agree on this one.”

Many enthusiastic fans on social media, including some Crows fans, also agreed with Cornes’ outspokenness.

“As an Adelaide supporter I was appalled that we did this,” one wrote on X.

“It’s a horror. Embarrassing Adelaide,” another commented.

“I never agreed with Kane… until now. The affair before the 2018 season was a disaster, we are now so far away from having any kind of hybrid, this rebuild is now our story and it will last forever.”

Of course, there were some who took the opposite view as the South Australian club honored a player who boasts an All-Australian jumper, Hawks best and fairest and three goalscoring titles to go along with those three premierships.

“Wow, Kane has some bad shots sometimes, but this has got to be one of the worst. This is called showing respect for a great achievement. Who cares what team it is?” wrote one.

“Save your breath everyone. If there’s no point in being a decent human being, there’s no point in explaining it to someone,” suggested another.

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