Saudi crown prince congratulates new crown prince of Kuwait

JEDDAH: Clothing company Lululemon organized an event ahead of International Yoga Day – which will take place later this month – led by Lana Nazer, founder and CEO of Karama Yoga, at the Shangri-La Hotel in Jeddah.

Speaking about “Yoga Flow with Live Music” the Lululemon ambassador said: “With over 1,000 registrations for our sessions on the day, I’m honored to be able to share something I’m passionate about with my community. My goal is for every individual in Saudi Arabia to try yoga at least once to discover a more conscious approach to life.”

Nazer’s signature class showed the perfect balance for all levels of practitioners, incorporating yogic breathing, meditation and dynamic movements to prove that yoga can be fun and accessible.

She emphasized the importance of making yoga less intimidating for newcomers, while incorporating modern life into her teachings.

Nazer expressed her gratitude to the Ministry of Sports for its commitment to promoting yoga and wellness in Saudi Arabia and noted the increased interest in the country.

She said: “I am confident that Saudi Arabia will become a hub for yoga in the future.

“As awareness grows and more individuals embrace this lifestyle, there are many opportunities for education and introduction to holistic wellness.”

She added that people in the Kingdom wanted to adopt healthier practices, find balance in their lives and reduce stress, whether they were working mothers, men, women or community leaders.

She added: “Although we have made significant progress, we still have a long way to go, but I am extremely optimistic.”

Reflecting on the significance of International Yoga Day on June 21, she said, “It is a day to celebrate community, mental, physical and emotional well-being.

“It’s a day to celebrate being happy, healthy and doing something caring with the people you love. It is also a celebration of how yoga has changed lives and positively impacted communities.”

Khaled Nahfawi, a renowned yoga and meditation instructor, led a guided meditation yoga journey using sound bowls, crystal balls and the Tibetan voice.

He said: “The aim is to take people on a journey of relaxation that combines yoga with meditation and the therapeutic effects of sound bowls.

“During my workshop we focused on sound, starting with a short yoga flow to prepare the body and mind for meditation. Yoga has changed my life and I am happy to introduce it to others so that they can change theirs.”

Nahfawi emphasized the importance of creating awareness through yoga and meditation, especially among the youth.

He emphasized the transformative power of mindfulness practices in promoting overall well-being and mental clarity, adding, “As yoga teachers, healers and meditation instructors, it is essential to raise awareness, especially among young people.”

Sarah Hamed attended Nazer’s yoga session and called it “truly transformative”, adding: “Her approach to yoga made it accessible and enjoyable for beginners like me. I left feeling rejuvenated and inspired to incorporate mindfulness into my daily routine.”

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