BOOM Esports is crowned as the champion of PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) SEA Summer 2024

PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) SEA Summer 2024 is concluded with BOOM Esport to be a champion. The team won the trophy after collecting a total of 200 points. The second-place team D’Xavier was able to collect as many as 167, while the third-place team stopped at 147 points. In addition to the championship, the 5 best teams also qualified for the PUBG Mobile World Cup (PMWC) Group stage and also on PUBG Mobile Regional Clash 2024 (PMRC) PEL vs CSA vs SEA.

Before the conclusion of the grand final, 24 teams came together esports an event that started on May 8, 2024. Later, 16 teams qualified for the grand final, and 18 matches were played to determine the champion.

The PMSL SEA Summer 2024 champion finishes the event far ahead of the others

The league stage was not good for the champion. But the team managed to rise and take first place. As the grand finals began, it was a mixed first day for BOOM, with the team finishing in third place. Yoodo Alliance was on top with 83 points while BOOM collected 56.

PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) SEA Summer 2024 Overall StandingsPUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) SEA Summer 2024 Overall Standings
Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

As the event progressed to the next day, it became more interesting as all the teams played to their best potential. After winning two WWCDs on the second day, BOOM rose to the top and remained on 138 points, a fair 12 points behind D’Xavier.

Nevertheless, the PMSL SEA Summer 2024 champion did not let up on the third day off and showed more consistency and aggressiveness in the remaining matches. Thus, a total of 200 points were recorded with their names and the team won the cup.

BOOM Esports grabbed a huge and kept an eye on the next events

When the champion emerged victorious, he pocketed $35,000 in prize money, while the runner-up took home $20,000. Then, third place Yoodo Alliance grabbed a share of the total, which is $11,000 in their account. Yummy from BOOM became the final MVP and received an additional $1000.

PMWC Qualified Teams from PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) SEA Summer 2024PMWC Qualified Teams from PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) SEA Summer 2024
Image via PUBG Mobile Esports

However, after winning the big event, the next goal will be the PUBG Mobile World Championship 2024. Once PUBG Mobile completes the PMSL run in all its regions, the progress will bring the esports event well into the finals of the 2024 schedule. Before that, another awesome event is coming up, the World Esports Championship (EWC) 2024, which is expected to be held in August. The event is worth $3,000,000 and all the qualified teams are aiming for a respectable position there.

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