White Lies Brewing Company recalls Hazy Craze Sessions NEIPA over ‘excess alcohol’

Consumers are being warned not to open or drink a recent batch of beer produced by a Queensland brewery that contains too much alcohol and carbonate.

White Lies Brewing Company has recalled its 500ml cans of “Hazy Craze Sessions” beer with an expiry date of 1 February 2025, which were sold at First Choice Liquor in Sumner and Seventeen Mile Rocks in Queensland.

In a post on its Facebook page, White Lies Brewing said its recent batch of Hazy Craze Sessions “went through some package refermentation” and as a result some “bulging cans” were found in store.

“The resulting referral also means that Abv [alcohol by volume] is higher than stated on the can,” the post said.

“We are fortunate that this issue was caught early and less than 20 cartons went into circulation. We were able to account for and collect/remove approximately 15 of these cartons, meaning less than 5 reached end customers.

“As we take quality and safety seriously, we felt it was important to admit our mistakes and follow the proper procedure when such situations arise.

“Therefore, we have initiated formal product recall procedures and all affected customers can return their purchased products for a full refund.”

Consumers are advised not to open or drink the beer and to dispose of it safely, the recall notice says.

“Please contact White Lies Brewing Company for safe disposal instructions and a refund,” it reads.

“All consumers concerned about their health should seek medical advice.”

Consumers can contact White Lies Brewing Company at whiteliesbrewing@gmail.com or whiteliesbrewing.com.au.

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