Coles responds to shopper’s scathing rant about price of fruit

A Coles shopper is facing a backlash after complaining about the price of a food staple, forcing the supermarket to explain why the product costs so much.

Rachael Arahill, a swimwear designer from Byron Bay, was so shocked by the price of strawberries during her recent shop that she blasted the supermarket on social media.

In the clip, she accuses the retailer of “daylight robbery” after noticing that a 350g punnet was priced at $9.50, declaring that “Coles has lost its mind”.

However, Ms. Arahill’s plight went down well with Australians who pointed out that her fury was unfounded, with many noting that strawberries are currently out of season, prompting Coles to respond.

A shopper who was baked for the Coles price

“Holy shit, I came to Coles to get some strawberries and please look at the prices,” she said in a video shared on TikTok.

“Are they laughing?

“Nine dollars and fifty for some strawberries. Are they kidding?’

But her rant backfired after Coles issued a statement explaining the reasons behind the higher than usual prices.

“Fresh produce prices will change due to seasonal growing conditions and in the case of strawberries we are in between seasons so we are not seeing peak growing conditions,” a spokesperson told

“As the weather warms and strawberry volumes increase by about July to September, we will see strawberry prices come down again.

“Shoppers can still find great value in other fruits like oranges and pink apples right now.”

Australians did not take Ms Arahill lightly and suggested she educate herself on seasonal produce to get the best prices and deals.

“They’re out of season, baby. In the summer we get them for $2.50 to $3 a punnet, sometimes even cheaper,” wrote one.

“Pretty standard prices for out-of-season strawberries. In a few months they will be back in season, it happens twice a year in Australia, and they are down to about $1.50 per punnet. It’s not unusual,” agreed another.

As one commented, “Come back in the summer when they’re all $2 and do a nice review on them.”

In Australia, strawberries are grown continuously throughout the year, with summer crops usually coming from farms in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, southern Western Australia and the Granite Belt in south-east Queensland.

In winter, most are collected on the Sunshine Coast and Perth.

While the video disappointed some, others shared tips on how to help other shoppers get the most out of their store.

“Every week I change my food identity, if it’s too expensive I change my route,” said one.

“I buy frozen strawberries instead. Otherwise, strawberries are so expensive,” agreed another.

Despite Ms Arahill’s mistake, many agreed, claiming supermarket prices were “usurious”.

“My wages didn’t go up, but everything else did,” said one.

“Crazy isn’t it!” remarked another.

As one said: “It’s not the off season so the price increase wasn’t a surprise, but it’s terrible.”

It’s not the first time shoppers have shared their frustration with out-of-season produce, with Australians blasting supermarkets last year over the “ridiculous” price of the fruit.

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