Bad Boys star Martin Lawrence clings to Will Smith in worrying video

Fans have expressed concern for Martin Lawrence after a disturbing video surfaced of the American actor clinging to co-star Will Smith at an event.

The duo who teamed up for the fourth Despicable Me movie ride or die, attended the Los Angeles premiere on May 30 as part of their worldwide promotional tour for the highly anticipated film.

Footage of the event showed Lawrence, 59, firmly holding Smith’s hand as they welcomed a large crowd at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

A viewer posted a video of the moment on TikTok, captioning the video: ‘There’s something going on with Martin’.

The clip prompted thousands of fans to express their concerns for Lawrence, with one saying: “I hope and pray he’s not sick.”

Fans are worried about Despicable Me star Martin Lawrence

Another chimed in: “Prayers for the funniest man I’ve ever seen on TV.”

“I hope he recovers from what he’s going through,” wrote a third.

“Looks like he has a vision problem,” guessed another.

It comes after a recent interview Lawrence did with Smith, and fans noticed the actor was slurring his words during his conversation with ExtraTV.

“Martin seems a bit slow and withdrawn! Like he has some sort of medical problem,” one fan wrote on a YouTube video of the interview.

Another added: “Some Martin is still there. Thank God he’s still playing. Hopefully he will continue to work after that.”

In 1999, Lawrence suffered a near-fatal heat stroke when he collapsed during a workout.

Afterward, the actor and comedian fell into a three-day coma, where he was in critical condition in the hospital before making a full recovery.

He recently reunited with his ex during his speech at the Emmys in January Martin to give a prize to your teammates.

During his presentation, Lawrence appeared to have difficulty reading the teleprompter, pausing several times and slurring his words.

However, his team played down the health fears and blamed technological problems.

Meanwhile, the sequel to Mean Boys – which comes four years after the previous film Bad boys for life – is set to hit theaters on June 6.

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