‘I remember when I lost my mind TikTok trend’: Embarrassing Gen Z dating problem exposed

Gen Z is currently revealing the embarrassing things they’ve done to get the attention of someone they like — and it’s making millennials feel pretty smug.

Social media is currently flooded with videos shared by 20-somethings, all participating in the new trend of online dating.

The “I Remember When I Lost My Mind” trend involves young people sharing humiliating things they’ve done to “get the attention of their crushes,” most of which have unfortunately been unsuccessful.

While almost everyone has done something stupid while navigating the complicated road to love, there is one big difference between Gen Z and every other generation before them: technology.

Yes, there are actual videos of these failed romantic moves, and as you can imagine, they’re all cringe-worthy and make for very entertaining viewing.

But while Gen Z capitalizes on their views on TikTok with their tragic dating confessions, millennials are watching from afar, many thanking their lucky stars that “social media didn’t exist” when they were angsty, hormone-fueled teenagers.

Videos all set for the 2006 hit ‘crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley, have understandably attracted a lot of attention – mainly due to their hilarious and desperate nature.

One woman’s story about her teenage years, which has garnered almost 40 million views, features a clip of her dancing erratically to impress a boy.

“I remember when I liked a guy who liked dancers so I made a private story just for him and posted this,” she captioned the hilarious clip.

It quickly attracted thousands of comments, with May calling the video “horrific” and declaring it would never be shared.

“It would haunt me at night,” remarked one.

“Back in my day we logged in and out of MSN hoping to get their attention,” said another.

As another said, “I’d take that to my grave.”

Another woman revealed her crush never spoke to her again after she sent his mum a video of her singing his “favourite song”.

“He told me that I destroyed Bruno Mars because of him and to never speak to him again. I thought I did pretty well,” she captioned the clip.

Many were quick to laugh at her misfortune, declaring that she “must have lost her mind” when she sent it.

“Stop it, the FBI couldn’t get that out of me,” one commented.

“That’s the most painful thing I’ve ever seen,” claimed another.

Another, who pretended they were arrested for her crush, said he “likes girls who have fought the police”.

Her attempt to convince him she was a “bad girl” involved wearing a face mask and fending off a bird while wearing a completely stripped dress.

The clip, which has more than 12 million views, drew a similar response from others, with some declaring: “You are very brave to post this.”

Judgy Millennials also left a stream of comments on the videos, mostly sharing their relief at not having phones as teenagers.

“My biggest mistake is that social media didn’t exist when I was a teenager,” remarked one.

“I’m 37 years old and I did some stupid things when I was younger but luckily none of it was caught,” mused another.

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