NSW Premier Chris Minn’s office vandalised, defaced with red paint by protesters

NSW Premier Chris Minns is the latest political leader to have his office attacked by vandals who sprayed the word “murder” and covered the building in red paint overnight.

Pictures from the scene show the extent of the vandalism – an office in Kogarah was sprayed with red paint and graffiti reading ‘murder’ overnight.

Pro-Palestinian protesters were said to be responsible for the attack.

NSW Police discovered a crime scene at the Prime Minister’s office and are investigating.

Mr Minns has since hit back at the vandals, saying they had a certain amount of “arrogance” in breaking the law and graffitiing the offices of political officials across the country.

“At the end of the day, it’s obviously just a waste of time and money and it’s irritating,” he said.

“But not much more than that.”

Mr Minns said the Gaza conflict was a complex issue, but the State Government’s focus had always been on community cohesion and peace in NSW.

“I’m not responsible for places around the world, especially in the Middle East,” he said.

“What I am responsible for is peace here in Sydney and this country and that has always been our approach to this complex issue.”

“Yes, you have a right, an absolute right to protest, but you also have a responsibility to treat other people who live in this city with respect.”

Earlier this year, pro-Palestinian supporters disrupted the NSW Parliament, which was forced to close briefly before being cleared by security.

They erupted into shouts of “Shame on you, Chris Minns”; “Sanction Israel” and “Workers’ hands are red”.

Protesters also caused chaos at Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade when they stormed the parade in front of the NSW premier, resulting in eight people being arrested.

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