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MONOPOLY FIND! brings out fantastic events for players to get more Roll the dice to fill their bags free products, which I myself would like to earn just like the other players. Whenever there is a major event, the value of the interest jumps, and it also gives us a lot of rewards. One of them is Dig Events and a new one with a title Martian treasures is making its way into MONOPOLY GO. So let me walk you through all the details you need to know about participating, achieving milestones, and collecting rewards in this upcoming digging event. So, let’s dive in!

The Martian Treasures event in MONOPOLY GO!

As I mentioned earlier, the Martian Treasures event is a mining event, so you need to collect tokens to progress. This event is similar Treasures of the Jungle and Galactic Treasures events that started in January or February. The details are pretty simple, collect tokens, get items and progress. The event may start June 6, 2024and will last for five days until it expires on June 10, 2024.

MONOPOLY GO February 2024 events and tournaments coverMONOPOLY GO February 2024 events and tournaments cover
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To uncover artifacts in such events, you’ll be digging beneath the grid using hack tokens earned by achieving milestones in tournaments and banner events. These tokens, also known as hack tokens, are primarily gained through these activities, being the main resource available for advancement.

MONOPOLY FIND! Tips for the Martian Treasures event

Since the details of the event are not yet available, I will give a basic explanation for now. I will share more detailed tips once all the information is released.

The first general tip is to be smart with yours Crampons. Look at the empty spaces at the top to see how many picks you might need and where the treasures might be. Then start by using the pickaxe in the middle of the grid. This helps cover more ground and gives you a better chance of finding treasures.

To collect more Pickaxe Tokens, you need to participate in parallel events or tournaments, which you can track using my guide. Participate in them, collect and help each other in the digging event.

MONOPOLY FIND! Martian Treasures: Milestones and Rewards

The Martian Treasures mining event in Monopoly Go could follow a similar pattern to the old events and should consist of a total of 20 levels. All the prizes for the event have not been revealed, but they will definitely come with Wild stickers also in addition to a Rover Token and Spaceship Panel Token like mentioned with regular dice and cash prizes. The pickaxe chips in particular play a key role throughout the event.

Milestone Well-deserved rewards
1 25 dice rolls
2 Cash prize
3 75 dice rolls
4 Cash prize, 200 dice rolls, 2-star yellow sticker pack
5 Cash prize
6 150 dice rolls
7 Cash prize
8 200 dice rolls
9 Cash Reward, 400 Dice Rolls, 10 Martian Treasures Hack Tokens
10 Pink 3 Star Sticker Pack
11 300 dice rolls
12 500 Dice Rolls Martian Rover Shield skin
13 Blue sticker pack with 4 stars
14 350 dice rolls
15 500 dice rolls
16 Martian Spaceship Plate Token
17 15 Tokens Martian Treasures Hack
18 450 dice roll, 30 minute sticker raise
19 5 Star Purple Sticker Pack
20 Cash prize, 2500 dice roll, wild sticker

So are you ready to dig and collect more rewards and become the king of MONOPOLY? Don’t wait!

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