I broke an etiquette rule at the airport with this wardrobe item and I will never go back

When I was a child, if I took my slippers out of the house, my mother would scream and chase me.

There was a clear demarcation between “inside” footwear and “outside” footwear, and if you dared to tamper with this system, there was a chance you would be locked out of the house. In the winter time.

So it felt strange to wear a pair of UGGs not just out of the house, but all the way to a completely different country when I recently wore them on a flight from Sydney to Seoul.

My dramatic break from Mitchell Family Etiquette came after reading an article in which the decidedly stylish Lauren Burvill of Conde Nast Traveler road tested the “controversial” UGG Tasman boot and declared it “the perfect shoe for long flights.”

At first I was scandalized. However, she convincingly argued that UGGs are “shockingly backwards”.

So I decided to try out the shoe for myself, which has been spotted on jetsetting celebrities including Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid and Shanina Shaik.

I’m sorry, mom.

First off, as you can see above, this isn’t your traditional UGG boot that Pamela Anderson made famous when she paired it with the iconic red swimsuit on the set of Baywatch.

Made from recycled materials, the Tasman is low cut, sitting just below the ankle. It has a non-slip sole (so you won’t be sliding on those sanded tiles at the airport) and is versatile as you can wear them with socks in colder destinations and without socks in warmer areas. For example, I wore socks with them at Sydney airport and during the flight, then just took them off when I landed in much warmer Seoul.

They don’t have any metal or thick soles, so you can wear them through airport security.

As all Aussies know, long-haul flights can kill your will to live. Anything that makes the experience more enjoyable is worth its weight in gold.

Most of all, I liked that they were very easy to put on and take off on the plane. Often times, your feet will inflate during the flight, and trying to tuck those balloons back into your sneakers as the plane comes in to land can be a demoralizing experience.

They’re also incredibly lightweight, so they won’t weigh down your suitcase while you’re traveling.

But the thing that made me a complete convert is how comfortable they are.

This article originally appeared on Escape and has been republished with permission

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