Woman’s horror honeymoon disaster after eyebrow wax

The newly-wed bride revealed she had an unexpected allergic reaction the day before her wedding – and was still in full force as she prepared for her honeymoon.

Jessica was set to marry her partner of seven years, Brandon, after seven years together, but had her eyebrows waxed two days before the couple’s big day.

Her sensitive skin had a severe reaction to something the beautician used, and she woke up the next day to find her eyelids and forehead bright red and swollen.

A woman's horror honeymoon disaster

A video she posted on social media showed her eyes almost completely closed.

“Did you think this was how the first day of our honeymoon would go,” she asked Brandon.

“Now I thought I was going to wake up the day after our wedding,” Brandon joked.

The couple was on their way to the doctor because of her allergic reaction.

“But this time it’s a bit rough so we’re just going to see it before we go on our honeymoon,” the influencer told @the.kind.duo.

Brandon made sure to say that he still thinks his new bride is beautiful.

Social media users expressed their shock at what happened, with one saying Jessica had broken the golden rule when it comes to wedding preparations.

“Waxing DAY BEFORE and spray tan is literally a big no no, whole wedding ruined,” said one social media user.

Another added: “Oh no! You are not meant to wax your face after 7 days of your event.”

Some offered their experiences and good wishes for a speedy recovery.

“This happened to me too. They got my eyebrows waxed and I was puffy and itchy and then I put on make-up and got a huge infection,” said one.

Another added: “Oh baby I hope you get well soon! You are beautiful.”

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