Thieves called out for sneaky tactic at South Australian supermarkets

A family-run supermarket chain has accused two thieves on social media of using large boxes under the guise of gifts to smuggle groceries past checkouts.

John-Paul Drake, director of Drakes Supermarkets, which has stores in South Australia and Queensland, shared the CCTV on TikTok, along with some colorful narration.

“Let’s put a gift on top of all that food stuff down there, nobody’s going to suspect anything,” he said as security footage played of a woman placing a large gift on top of the premium goods in another man’s cart. It looked like there was a child with the man.

“From the number of times this couple has hit us, I’m sure they have a family of 50 at home.”

Aussie supermarket Drakes reveals a thief's sneaky act during a theft spree

Another clip showed a woman pushing a cart with a different large wrapped box and balloons.

“Look at this, no one’s going to notice a big present in a cart with a bunch of balloons covering my face,” Mr. Drake said sarcastically. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’ll notice.”

Mr Drake told the thieves had been spotted at five stores in the northern suburbs in the past month: Gawler, Gawler East, Salisbury North, Clovercrest and Golden Grove.

“Our team thought it was unusual to see a giant gift and balloons entering the store, and when reviewing the CCTV, they noticed that offenses were taking place,” he said.

He joked: “With my birthday just around the corner, I honestly thought they wanted to deliver me a present. Imagine my disappointment when the products disappeared instead.”

Mr Drake said the recent increase in theft did not appear to be from people who were desperate and unable to afford food as the rising cost of living took its toll.

“We’re seeing an increase in the theft of high-end items like premium cuts of meat and health and beauty lines, and people are definitely getting more brazen and creative with their methods,” he explained.

“These are not products being stolen by people who cannot feed their families, but people who are selling or bartering products for personal gain.”

South Australian police have confirmed to that they are investigating a “series of thefts” from a supermarket chain in the northern suburbs in May.

Police have urged anyone with information to call Crimestoppers.

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