Sovereign citizens issue ‘demilitarised zone’ proclamation to Sydney councils

A group of sovereign citizens who claim the Australian government is illegitimate have filmed themselves entering a number of council offices to hand in “cease and desist” notices and announce the establishment of a “demilitarized zone”.

In an unusual video posted on TikTok, a group of activists with a group calling themselves “Nmdaka Dalai Australis” and led by prominent sovereign citizen Rocco Varty were seen entering the Canterbury-Bankstown Council building in western Sydney to lecture stunned staff behind the counter.

Nmdaka Dalai Australis, which according to its website means ‘our southern lands’, claims to represent the traditional Aboriginal owners who “hold supreme authority over all our lands”.

Mr Varty can be seen in a viral video with almost 62,000 views demanding to speak to the council’s chief executive.

Sovereign citizens invade the world of Sydney

“I have the documents here,” he tells the municipal worker.

“By proclamation, it was February 4, 2024 … to establish the demilitarized zone, the DMZ.

“The Court of Trustees, the High Court Elders, and the Council in the Circle along with the First Court Master and the Chief Marshal…basically it’s about you acting and aiding and abetting the military force.

“Whereas the First Nations … the Nmdaka Dalai Tribe, hereby declare that you cease and desist from your operations of pushing foreign military force and crimes against humanity.”

“Okay, I’ll pass them on,” replies the municipal worker.

As Mr. Varty shuffles through his documents, trying to find more papers to hand in, another member of the group then hands in a few more pages.

“This basically explains that the Commonwealth of Australia is a private corporation registered on the US stock exchange,” he says.

“So I have to pass that on as well?” asks the municipal worker.

The man tells him that the document, which has “parliamentary approval”, proves that “the law enforcement agencies are not standing properly according to the constitution”.

“That means you’re not all going to get pension and insurance if something happens,” he says. “What do we [here] today is about educating you and giving you all the information you need to ask questions of your superiors.”

The city worker accepts them and assures him: “Yes, I will forward everything right away.”

Mr Varty requests that a council employee provide him with confirmation “on company letterhead that you have received these documents”, but this has been refused.

Before they leave, the group warns that “ignorance is no longer an option” and that “we’re actually here to help you.”

Canterbury-Bankstown Council has been approached for comment.

The video sparked widespread derision from commentators.

“The guy behind the counter did well not to burst out laughing,” said one.

“Wow, so well executed. They will certainly take these documents seriously,” wrote another.

In another animated clip, Mr Varty explained the proclamation to his followers.

“These are First Nations documents,” he said.

“They went through the tribal smoking ceremony. We will forward these notices to them. They all relate to stopping and abandoning corrupt operations. This tyranny, which they set up especially in the west [Sydney] people, my lovely Lebanese and all the wonderful Muslims who have been targeted over the years since the closure. The world has gone too far and it’s high time we warned them.”

He posted other videos online showing the group doing similar scenes in Burwood, Strathfield and Inner West councils.

In March, members of the same “Nmdaka Dalai” group were locked out of Gympie Town Hall in Queensland after going to the local council, court and police station to hand over documents declaring the area a “demilitarized zone”.

“Thank you everyone, look thank you for this, it’s recorded and you’ve got it on camera so we’ve got it all covered,” Gympie Regional Council chief executive Robert Jennings told them.

A press release by Nmdaka Dalai on his website states that “we are blood-linked to ancient tradition and have declared peace throughout our continent”.

“We the people bound by ancient tradition have declared this continent a demilitarized zone and as such we will not allow anyone to arm themselves with weapons of war to arrest or monetize their activities,” he writes.

“There will no longer be any coercion, detention, imprisonment, arrest, imprisonment or prosecution with the use of weapons on our lands. Peace will reign. All agents of corporations (such as courts, police, councils, judiciary, individuals, military, institutions, etc.) may not arm themselves with pistols, handcuffs, tasers, ‘sprays’ or similar weapons (the list is not exhaustive) unless authorized by Nmdaka Dalai Tribal Council. They all are empty from the start. Anyone who continues to enforce this system will be prosecuted under international law.”

In December, Mr Varty filmed himself arguing with NSW police after he was pulled over for driving with a fake number plate.

He stated that he did not “consent to this conversation” and refused to hand over any identification, stating only that his name was “Rocco from House Varty”, claiming that his car “is not a motor vehicle, it is property” and that his primary residence.

The protracted stand-off ended with an officer arresting Mr Varty after he admitted he was sleeping in the back of his car and had “no fixed address”.

“You are currently under arrest for breach of bail,” the officer says. “Your bail conditions [are] stay at that address you just told me. As you told me then, you haven’t been there since January of this year.”

We have contacted NSW Police for comment.

Last year, a NSW judge complained that sovereign citizens who mistakenly believed they were not subject to Australian law were clogging the courts with “pseudo-legal” arguments challenging often minor charges, causing cases to take three or four times longer than they should they usually do.

“You’ll take a file and it might be a parking ticket and there might be 300 pages in an envelope,” Mark Douglas told the ABC.

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