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RIYADH: At the third Future of Semiconductors 2024 forum in Riyadh on June 5-6, experts will discuss ways to boost domestic chip manufacturing and the nation’s digital economy, according to a statement released by organizers on Sunday.

The event will be hosted by King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology and King Abdulaziz University of Science and Technology.

Participants will discuss manufacturing, including the procurement of raw materials and the production of finished microchips. In addition, they will examine the use of this technology in space exploration, quantum technologies, 6G communications, electric vehicles and integrated sensors to enable smart cities.

dr. Munir Eldesouki, president of KACST, said the forum reflects the goals and priorities set by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in research, development and innovation.

dr. Tony Chan, president of KAUST, said the forum provides opportunities to improve the digital economy, promote research collaboration among various entities, and share knowledge on best practices in the electronic chip industry.

Among those expected to attend are policy makers, industry leaders and scientists in the field of semiconductor technology.

Notable participants include Shuji Nakamura, Nobel laureate in physics for his development of blue/green light emitting diodes and violet laser diodes; and Kang Wang, who serves as co-director of the Center for Quantum Science and Engineering at UCLA.

Also expected is Steven P. DenBaars of the University of California, Santa Barbara, known for holding more than 190 US patents and co-founding the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute with four photonics and electronics companies.

Discussions will also take place on the Saudi Semiconductors Program, a regional initiative involving 16 universities in Saudi Arabia that has trained more than 400 researchers and students in the design and manufacture of microchips.

Those interested can register at https://semiconductors.kacst.gov.sa.

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