Honor of Kings launches its inaugural esports Partnership Program

The honor of kingspopular taking action MOBA from Infinite level has announced its esports affiliate program. Teams from several regions joined hands for the title for greater sustainability and also for their desire to grow and support the community. Partner teams will receive exclusive game benefits at all Honor of Kings events esports ecosystem.

The Partner Program is a commitment to the Honor of Kings global esports ecosystem

Leading eSports titles always tend to expand the ecosystem and fit more teams and regions in the long term, in simple words, they sustain themselves for a long time. As part of this, Honor of Kings didn’t hold back as Level Infinite finally decided to bring in partner teams. It will further support its commitment to the growth of the global Honor of Kings eSports ecosystem.

In addition, the primary motivation is to bring the best esports teams together to provide more exciting tournaments and esports content to the global Honor of Kings community. In addition, the program will take the global Honor of Kings eSports ecosystem to the next level.

Honor of Kings Invitational Season 2 coverHonor of Kings Invitational Season 2 cover
Image via Tencent

So far, 3 partner teams have been revealed, with a few more waiting in the queue. Teams from Southeast Asia, Brazil, Turkey, Middle East and Africa, Latin and North America, South Korea and Japan will receive direct invitations to the program and will also take direct positions in the title’s esports events.

Partner program teams will start the first event on June 29 with Honor of Kings Invitational Season 2. The list of partner teams will be published in the coming days Gamescom Latam 2024. Here is a list of the teams we know so far.

  • REX REGUM QEON (South East Asia)
  • ISURUS (Latin America)
  • FUT ESPORTS (Turkey)
  • Western Europe – TBA
  • Middle East and North Africa – TBA

Benefits of the Esports Partnership program will include direct participation in global events

Honor of Kings, forward the 2024 esports roadmap, announced that Level Infinite is committed to growing the eSports ecosystem. As part of this, the investment amounts to 15 million dollars was published in January. Partnering teams will benefit in many ways.

These benefits include the benefit of a direct invite to tournaments and promotional support from the official Honor of Kings social media channels. Level Infinite will continue to grow and update the Honor of Kings partner program in collaboration with participating teams, while actively working to expand the program with more teams.

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