Abbie Chatfield secret boyfriend revealed: Adam Hyde aka Keli Holiday speaks in podcast interview

Abbie Chatfield has opened up about her secret boyfriend and revealed the details of their first sexual relationship.

The 28-year-old influencer and podcast host has finally confirmed that she is dating Peking Duk member Adam Hyde.

The pair opened up about their long-rumored romance on her podcast There’s a lot going on with Abbie Chatfield this week

The interview takes place when the couple returns from a trip abroad. Hyde is working in LA on his new Keli Holiday record.

They spoke on their first date and revealed they were “so in love”.

The pair met in 2022 when Chatfield interviewed Hyde for her radio show.

But it took almost a year before they got together.

“We saw each other and we talked and then we didn’t talk anymore,” Chatfield said.

“It never fit because it never opened up to that,” Hyde said.

“I’d go on a few dates…it’s pretty funny now that we’re here and how we ended up here.”

Despite hanging out occasionally, it took months before they finally had sex.

Chatfield revealed that she was afraid to take this step because she didn’t know what could happen emotionally.

“We had sex for the first time and it was fine,” she said.

“We were out at an event… and then we went home and I was like, ‘I have to have sex with him’.”

She said the sex was “nothing crazy”.

Chatfield said their relationship changed when she went to his concert in Brisbane weeks later.

Hyde said he felt something had changed between them before the concert, as he was excited to see her.

“I think in that next day and night, everything kind of changed,” he said.

“Yeah, we were sitting by the pool drinking margaritas and then the sex went crazy,” Chatfield said.

Hyde explained that it wasn’t sex, but they were clearly more comfortable with each other.

Their relationship blossomed and then they fell in love.

“Something just came over my head like a wave, like falling in love is crazy,” Hyde said.

“It just grabbed me and it was like, I thought it was amazing.”

“You make me feel so safe and so calm all the time,” Chatfield said.

“Everything was so good. Everything was so perfect.”

They teased their relationship with fans when they attended the Grand Prix in March with an Instagram post showing her dancing with Hyde, captioned ‘Fun Grand Prix with FRIENDS’.

During their trip to Melbourne, Chatfield revealed that she wrote Hyde a five-page letter in which she spoke about her feelings.

“A letter like saying all the things I love about you and why I love them about you,” she said.

“And also how you changed me as a person.

“And even if you know we stop seeing each other the next day, I would take those lessons about what I’m worth and how I should be treated.”

After receiving the letter, the couple became official, but it took a while before they said I love you.

“I knew I was feeling it, but I thought I needed to know if it was completely real,” he said.

“I was afraid to make love again.”

He said he is now “fearlessly open to everything”.

“Not only are we so in love, but we have a really healthy relationship,” Chatfield said.

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