KFC brings back ‘most requested menu item’ alongside new burger

Social media has been abuzz with rumors that one of KFC’s most popular menus is returning to Australia for the first time since 2021 – and now the speculation has been confirmed to be true.

The Double, a limited edition burger with two Original Crispy fillets used in place of the usual sandwich bread, first hit Australian shores in 2011 and immediately gained cult status among chicken lovers.

Since then there have been several variations such as the Zinger Mozzarella Double, Zinger Tower Double and Pizza Double.

Now the three double burgers are about to hit Australian KFC menus from June 11 and will be available until July 8.

Perhaps one of the most controversial versions of the famous burger is the new Waffle Double, which is coming to KFC stores nationwide for the first time.

It features brekkie, bacon and smoked maple mayo sandwiched between two new original crispy chicken fillets.

The Original Double and Zinger Double are also returning to Colonel’s restaurants nationwide.

Customers can order the burgers on their own, as part of a combo or a box.

“As one of our most requested menu items, we’re thrilled to bring back the iconic Double, this time with a sweet new twist,” said Tami Cunningham, KFC’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“We’re sure fans will be rushing to get their hands on the new Waffle Double and Original Double, alongside the returning Zinger Double. This triple double threat won’t hang around forever though, so mark the date on your calendar and get going.”

The Double range is available in store and for delivery via the KFC app.

It comes after KFC hosted a pop-up restaurant last month to celebrate the arrival of a new permanent menu item.

Last month saw the launch of three new burgers, the ‘Original Crispy’, the ‘Original Crispy Cheese and Bacon’ and the ‘Original Crispy Stacker’.

The burgers are crafted by the brand’s chefs to feature a swirl of creamy mayo on top of a juicy, juicy, original crispy chicken fillet.

Its crispy status comes from a double cooking technique that gives it extra crunch.

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