Australian musician Adam Hyde of Peking Duk reveals cancer diagnosis

Peking Duke singer Adam Hyde has revealed that he has been diagnosed with skin cancer.

The ARIA winner shared his diagnosis on the LiSTNR podcast, There’s a lot going on with Abbie Chatfieldmoments after revealing he was dating the TV and media personality.

While their relationship is going from strength to strength, they now face their biggest challenge as a couple to date following the discovery of Hyde’s health.

It was a whirlwind from the scan to the diagnosis, with the musician having to undergo surgery the day after he was diagnosed with neck cancer.

“The receptionist called me and said I had a procedure scheduled for tomorrow because of the results, which I didn’t get based on the results, so I was pretty confused,” he recalled on the special double episode podcast.

Hyde – who, along with Reuben Styles, is one half of the Peking Dukes – was with Chatfield at the time of the phone call and said she was more worried about him.

“What I love about you is that you care so much about me,” he told her on the show. “Because I thought it was what it is, I mean. It’s a damn cancer. It’s melanoma or something, whatever – we’ll deal with it. What happens, happens.

“But you went catatonic. You said ‘Like f**k’, which I like.”

Chatfield admitted she did, but it was because she wanted him to be OK, as doctors had told him he had a “double cancer” in his neck.

“I love you so much and I didn’t want you to be worried or sick or in pain and I didn’t want you to die,” she explained.

“Again, I’m like, ‘Of course I found the love of my life and he’s got cancer.'”

But the prognosis is good, with doctors assuring Hyde that it is “not melanoma” as he plans to undergo “full surgical treatment”.

In the same podcast, the couple looked as in love as ever as they finally went public with their relationship.

“We’re so in love and we love talking about it,” Chatfield told listeners. “Not only are we so in love, but we also have a really healthy relationship.”

Hyde also showered his new girlfriend with praise, telling her: “Abbie, I think you’re so kind and caring and intelligent and incredibly beautiful in a million different ways.”

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