‘Who is this woman?’: Stars’ infamous chat show clash

The ever-outspoken actress Miriam Margolyes has blasted yet another celebrity — this time a co-star during one of her appearances on a viral TV chat show.

Margolyes appeared as a guest at the recent Hay Festival in the UK, where she was interviewed by writer Philippe Sands, who asked her about the celebrities she dislikes.

Margolyes named singer Lily Allen, who sat next to her on the couch during a 2014 performance at The Graham Norton Show.

“When she was on the show, she thought it was all about her,” Margolyes claimed, per the Daily Mail.

“She thought, ‘Who is this woman? Who Miriam?’ She wasn’t nice and I didn’t like that, so I showed my resistance, which wasn’t very nice of me, because she was much younger than me and I should have taught her how to behave.’

Margolyes’ appearance on the chat room made headlines at the time when she admitted she knew next to nothing about her co-hosts, Allen and actor Dominic Cooper.

Presenter Graham Norton tried to jog her memory, asking if she had seen Cooper’s recent hit Oh mom.

“That was a scary movie,” she announced as Cooper sat next to her. “Did you think it was a good movie?”

Then she tried to graduate, saying that it was “a very popular movie … with people.”

Norton then suggested that Margolyes must have known about Allen, who had been one of Britain’s biggest pop stars for almost a decade at the time.

“Darling, I’m 72 years old, I don’t recognize songs and singing. But I know they admire you a lot, I know that,” she told a laughing Allen.

“Unlike Dominic, I mean?” Norton joked.

Marolyes, now 83, has not hesitated to share some of her embarrassing experiences with fellow stars in recent years.

In his memories from 2023 Oh Miriam! detailed a “despicable experience” she had while co-starring with Steve Martin in the 1986 film, Little Shop of Horrors.

In the book, she claimed that she was “slammed all day by doors opening in my face” and that Martin “hit, slapped and knocked her down repeatedly” as they tried to perfect the scene in the film.

“He (Steve Martin) was incredibly unfriendly because he was a perfectionist,” Margolyes later told news.com.au.

“He was an artist and all he cared about was getting the right comic moment, and he was right to do that, but he should have included me.”

But Martin hit back, releasing a statement calling her account of their time together “humiliating” and insisting “I remember we had good communication as professional actors.”

In another wild interview with news.com.au in 2022, Margolyes named and shamed action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger, saying he was a nightmare to work with in their 1999 film. End of days.

“He was actually quite rude. He farted in my face. Of course I fart – but I don’t fart in people’s faces. He did it on purpose, right in my face,” she claimed.

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