Photo of new shop in Kings Cross sparks outrage from residents

A former nightlife hotspot crippled by Sydney’s draconian laws has been taken over by a new business and the locals aren’t happy.

Potts Point residents took to social media on Monday to lament the opening of yet another shop at Kings Cross station.

Located just below Woolworths Metro, it is the latest in a long line of tobacconists and vape shops to open in the area.

Tobacco shops already occupy three storefronts on one corner of Kings Cross; another seven are only a few meters away.

“The sheer number of these shops popping up is suspicious. The strip is more than saturated,” said one fed-up local.

“I feel like this could have been an episode of The Simpsons 20 years ago and no one would have believed this could happen. Really funny,” said another local.

The store is located on the site of the former Goldfish nightclub.

The building that housed the Mercure hotel was converted into a 19-story residential high-rise.

When the development was under construction, there were talks of plans for a high-end restaurant.

There were fears that the development would undermine the culture of the area.

The Kings Cross area was the nightlife capital of the city in the 2000s and 2010s, but was crippled by the 2014 lockdown legislation and the Covid pandemic.

Two newsagents are already located directly opposite the new store at 111-139 Darlinghurst Rd; there are more down the road.

In 2024, a series of changes to vape legislation were introduced, with more to come, including a ban on the sale of non-therapeutic vapes.

As of January 1, it is illegal to import non-therapeutic vapes, and retailers have limited time to sell off their stock.

Still, the complete eradication of vapes, including single-use and single-use vapes, has proven elusive for policymakers.

Vapes containing nicotine are considered highly addictive and can cause “serious health problems”; some are long lasting.

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