Woman claims men are ‘terrified’ of her because she’s ‘pretty and smart’

An American woman has gone viral after complaining that men are “intimidated” by her because she is “pretty and smart”.

Ashley, who goes by the name @ashbabank on TikTok, said people are often surprised to learn she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Not only is she “very single,” but she said she doesn’t have any men pursuing her romantically, hinting that it’s been eight months since she’s been intimate with someone. New York Post reports.

The Texas-based fashion stylist added that people are surprised by the current state of her dating life because she’s “so beautiful,” but her looks have actually ruined her chances of romance.

Given her natural beauty combined with her hard-earned success, “you’ve got a very scary woman on your hands…a very difficult woman,” Ashley insisted – which “men don’t like”.

“Men don’t like me. Men are very, very afraid of me.”

Why men are 'afraid' of this woman

She then admitted that some men did like her, but claimed that they were all either unattainable or “ugo [ugly] freaks.”

“Because at the end of the day, I’m just a fantasy. I am not a real person because of the beautiful and the terrible,” Ashley said.

“So, yes, I’m alone. I’m very, very, very, very single.”

The video was titled, “A lonely life when you know your worth.”

Ashley may be single, but she’s not the only one who feels her looks, smarts and success have gotten in the way of her dating life.

“It’s so hard to be pretty AND SMART. Like, I wish I was delulu and didn’t have standards, but here we are,” reads the top comment.

“Yes. They idealize you and then end up resenting and hating you for everything they loved and adored about you to begin with because you reveal all their insecurities. Still single but happy,” agreed another.

Last year, the concept of beauty privilege went viral as people discussed the pros and cons of their good looks.

Some bragged about the free trips and gifts they received for their “conventional appeal.”

While others complained that people don’t take them seriously.

This article was originally published on The New York Post and has been reproduced with permission

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