Chris Hemsworth makes shock Australian accent confession

Chris Hemsworth, fellow…

An Australian actor, one of our country’s most successful international exports, has completely ruined our native accent, declaring it “not sexy”.

During a sit down chat with his Furiosa: The Mad Max Saga co-star Anya Taylor-Joy for LADbible TV, the Thor star grimaced when asked to agree/disagree with the statement that “the Australian accent is the sexiest”.

While Argentina-raised Taylor-Joy agreed that she did, Hemsworth quickly dismissed the claim, saying: “Oh no, I don’t. I hate the Australian accent.”

Hemsworth made his case by dropping pickup lines in a blunt yobbo Aussie twang.

“How are you baby? Giz kiss baby? Yaw looks hot. So sexy,” she is The Avengers growled the actor as Taylor-Joy burst into fits of laughter.

“Ugh. The most powerful natural aphrodisiac, the Australian accent is no,” Hemsworth finished.

Strewth, tell us we dream it?

In what turned out to be a complete roast of the Aussies, Taylor-Joy admitted to watching the Channel 9 reality show, Married at first sight. Her lack of explanation said it all.

“A friend sent me some episodes [MAFS], and it’s intensely human,” she said. “It’s the atmosphere.”

Fans took a look at the comments section of the video uploaded to TikTok and felt “betrayed” by Hemsworth’s comments.

“Chris you betrayed us,” wrote one Aussie with a laughing emoji.

“I love our Aussie accent! That was so un-Australian of him,” wrote another.

“I can’t believe Chris would do this to us,” added a third.

While Hemsworth, who is married to Spanish model Elsa Pataky, may not be a fan of his accent, a recent study suggests the US disagrees.

More than 1,000 Americans weighed their perceptions of various national and foreign accents using sound samples from the Speech Accent Archive created by George Mason University.

An October survey by memorabilia company Highland Titles found that Australians have the most attractive accents among both women and men.

Scottish accents came in second place.

London and Irish accents followed.

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