‘Yelling’: Millennial boss on ‘soft’ Gen Z employees

Millennial boss Rachel Lynch is sick of seeing older managers mistreat Gen Z employees.

Ms. Lynch, 34, runs an online coffee business with a team of six and is fed up with seeing young workers misunderstood by their Millennial and Boomer bosses.

An understanding boss shared on TikTok that she recently saw two Gen Z employees who were brought to tears by their senior managers.

Both incidents took place in the catering industry.

Ms Lynch said she was frustrated when she heard an older boss “screaming” at a Gen Z employee over her forgotten order in the cafe.

Mrs. Lynch ordered a sandwich, but the clerk who served her was flustered and forgot the order, and when the waitress admitted the mistake to her boss, he was not very understanding.

“She walks in and apparently she told her boss she forgot the order. The door closes and so it will help, it’s an old Queenslander building, we hear everything and he starts shouting at her,” she said.

“She panics and starts crying.”

Ms Lynch called it a “crazy display” of older people not interacting well with Generation Z, and while “technically no one is in the wrong”, she felt the situation could have been handled better.

A local Queensland resident saw a similar situation again a few weeks ago, when a young female waitress was left crying and panicking over a “f***ing” order.

She said the Gen Zer leader was quite “vocal in their outrage,” not to the point where anyone had to step in, but enough to make the employee vent too quickly.

“It was loud enough for everyone in the restaurant to hear,” she said.

Ms Lynch said older bosses needed to understand that Gen Z were “soft”, more “fragile” and wanted to work together.

Millennial boss reveals how not to treat Gen Z staff

Online, people were divided, and were quick to admonish Gen Z that they need to toughen up in the workplace.

“This is why children need to be taught how to fail. Resilience is almost non-existent in Gen Z,” argued one.

Similar comments followed.

“It has nothing to do with Boomers, Gen X and Z. It’s just an employee that doesn’t cut it.”

“No. Those tears are a tactic. They’re a way of trying to focus the situation away from you.”

“Millennials and Gen Z are too dumb and can’t handle pressure,” wrote another, while a third chimed in to say that Gen Z should do as they are “told.”

Ms Lynch told news.com.au that when she sees scenarios where Gen Z staff are left in tears, she believes it is poor management.

“I think a lot of it has to do with generational differences,” she told news.com.au, saying there are many Gen X and Boomer bosses who don’t take the time to understand how to manage different generations.

Ms. Lynch, who herself leads a Gen Z staff, said the youngest generation is just more “in tune with their feelings” and wants different things from work than previous generations.

“They like to make changes at work, feel heard and want more work-life balance,” she said.

Rather than fighting or ignoring their needs, Ms. Lynch embraces them and believes more bosses should do the same.

“We give our staff extra paid adventure leave on top of their standard leave and we also don’t dictate start and finish times,” she said.

As long as the job gets done, it doesn’t faze her and she thinks bosses who try to treat Gen Z the way they were treated at the same age are hitting their heads against the wall.

“I see a lot of Gen X bosses expecting their Gen Z workers to just work hard, suck it up and get on with it. Which just doesn’t slide,” she claimed.

Ms. Lynch is working to adapt her leadership style to get the most out of her young team.

“We know them very personally and regularly check how they feel, how their home life is going, whether they want to improve or change something,” she explained.

A holistic approach to management. It’s not just about ordering from them, you have to get to know them.

“We’re open about mental health and we’ve created a safe space for the team to be honest and raw. We encourage them to speak up and advocate for what they want from life. We are a company that has a tremendous focus on lifestyle,” she said.

It also goes beyond providing job satisfaction. He wants them to enjoy life outside of work as well.

“We encourage side hustles or hobbies. Every few months we organize paid group camping trips to socialize. We allow them to text instead of phone calls when they are sick. Flexible working hours. We do not record hours, we work according to a fair system. We avoid hierarchy and focus more on collaboration,” she said.

the result? Much less tears and no yelling.

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