Woman uncovers ex-husband’s ‘revenge’ plan

A feminist campaigner and mummy blogger has been praised for her efforts to warn a woman after she discovered her ex-husband’s horrific plans.

Constance Hall posed as a man named Adam to gain access to “toxic men’s groups” in Australia to research podcasts.

She soon discovered a man asking for advice on “how to screw” his ex-wife as payback for breaking up.

“He said she didn’t know but he still had the keys to her house and he had to be smart because he was in the family court system,” Hall revealed.

Responses varied with suggestions such as urinating in her underwear drawer, to which the man said he would take it a step further and do a poop. Another suggested the woman go away for the weekend and change the locks on her home.

“I was really invested. I had to find her and warn her,” said Hall, adding that the man’s Facebook profile was quite locked, but she managed to track down the woman through various tagged photos.

“I sent her a DM with all the screenshots, all from the recorder account, and signed it ‘woman who’s done with man shit,’” Hall said.

“For the next week, I checked non-stop to see if she saw the message, but it was stuck in others. I even had a friend ask her to get her attention. And in the end I moved on.”

However, after months of not using the account, Burner decided to check it and saw a direct message from another woman eight months after Hall sent the first message.

“And all it said was, ‘I can’t tell you how much this has helped me. I’m sick of men’s crap too. He made my life hell while playing innocent in the courts. Thank you,” Hall revealed.

“And the matriarchy strikes again.”

Many social media users praised Hall for her actions.

“Damn brilliant. And a timely reminder to ladies to always change their locks if they find themselves in this unfortunate situation. It doesn’t always work, but it can help,” said one.

Another added: “This is the ultimate girl code now.”

“A girl. yes The system is disgusting. It supports abusive behavior. Well done,” added one.

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