22yo working from a cafe divides internet with simple question

“People who work in coffee shops, how many coffees do we have?”

Generation Z has gotten out of the office and embraced coffee shop culture to the point of making it a central part of their work life.

Tully, 22, lives in Melbourne and works on social media for a skincare brand. She also likes to “romanticize” her work life by getting ready in a coffee shop during the day.

In true Gen Z fashion, she took to TikTok to ask about the “etiquette” of ordering coffee. Her question garnered more than 700,000 views and sparked a huge debate in the comments section.

If you’re setting up a coffee shop with your laptop and your own mug, and using their Wi-Fi, heating and electricity, how many coffees is the exchange fair?

First, the very premise of working in a cafe was controversial.

“As someone who has worked in a lot of coffee shops, we don’t generally understand why you don’t just go to the library? But yeah, at least once an hour,” one person wrote, with the comment receiving more than a thousand likes.

In addition to this comment, people were passionately debating how many coffees they should order while tapping away on their laptops.

There were a lot of people in the comments telling Tully to buy one coffee per hour.

One advised, “One every hour or 1.5 hours, depending on whether you get food at a given time.”

“Realistically, probably one drink every 45 min-1 hour is a good rule of thumb,” recommended another.

Someone else wrote that the cafe “rule” is to order one to two coffees every hour.

The 22yo reveals a new question about the workplace

Tully was completely overwhelmed by the response, pointing out that if she worked in a coffee shop all day, she would be “bouncing off the walls” if she consumed so much caffeine.

Other people were less stressed by caffeine.

“I’m a barista and we really don’t care if you buy it,” one commented, and similar comments followed.

“If the other tables are full, then keep buying! If it’s empty … it helps to sit there to make the cafe look busy.”

“Everyone who says one an hour is crazy… I personally do one every three hours, or I’ll have a drink and then two hours later a treat.”

“Who says one an hour? Get a hot tea for $3 and stay as long as you like. We don’t care if you leave by the time we close.”

Tully told news.com.au that she launched TikTok because she wanted to understand what was right.

“I think it’s one of those things that everyone who works in a coffee shop thinks about, it’s one of those unspoken rules that I wanted to get to the bottom of in my TikTok video,” she said.

The young worker said that when the video was published, she had just finished a four-hour shift in the cafe.

She ordered two drinks and had breakfast, which she felt “justified” her stay, but wanted more clarity on the WFH issue.

Tully said the reaction to her work question was interesting.

“As humans, we create these little ethical rules and regulations about simple things like this. I always say to the staff, ‘I’m going to sit here and work for a while, so if it gets busy and you need to give the table to someone who’s coming to eat, just let me know and I’ll move,'” she said.

“It was interesting to see how divided the comments section had become. Especially in this cost-of-living crisis, I think this debate is very relevant.”

Tully said she really enjoys working in coffee shops because it gives her a change of scenery that beats any office.

“When I work in a coffee shop, I get a random boost in productivity. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about having headphones on and romanticizing the work experience from a cozy coffee shop with a mug of good coffee or matcha in my case, classic Gen Z,” she said.

In fact, if she’s feeling “unmotivated,” working in a coffee shop “snaps” her out of it.

“There was a lot of discussion in the comment section on my TikTok about why people don’t just work in libraries, but there’s more atmosphere in a coffee shop. You can eat food, sip hot drinks and chat with the local barista,” she said.

The young worker said the idea of ​​working in a library seemed “outdated” and reminded her of high school.

“Sometimes I also like the background noise of chatter, clinking of cutlery etc. Sometimes I listen to a YouTube sound while I work from home called Ambient Rain in a cozy coffee shop to mimic the experience,” she said.

“Finally, it’s an excuse to have a drink and maybe a sweet.”

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