Mother speaks out after Rachael Finch’s cross-country controversy

A mother has claimed her daughter felt “terrified” when model and influencer Rachael Finch controversially filmed herself running after her daughter during a school ski race.

The former Miss Universe Australia, who often shares updates on her family life on social media, sparked backlash online after she posted a video of herself running behind her eight-year-old daughter Violet and shouting words of encouragement during a school function.

In the video, which Finch described as a “crazy cam”, the 35-year-old can be heard encouraging her daughter to “suck the air” and “go, go, go” as she ran down the track.

“Watch the rocks… That’s it Violet, well done,” she added.

The clip, which is now archived from Finch’s Instagram stories, was shared by him Outspoken the Podcast on social media, sparking criticism online and leading many to question why Finch took part in the race.

One mother, whose daughter competed in the race, reportedly claimed that Finch’s actions affected her daughter’s performance.

“My daughter ran directly behind her. She was too scared to speed because her mom was yelling and getting in her way,” she reportedly wrote online.

Podcast hosts Amy, Sophie and Kate Taeuber first addressed Finch’s cross-country video on last week’s episode.

“At first I just thought, ‘oh, she’s just one of those supportive parents,'” the hosts said.

“But this was next level! I don’t understand how this school allowed her to run after her child during a game. Surely that would be really inappropriate for other children?’

Ahead of the race, Finch shared another video on Instagram where she expressed that she was probably “more nervous than Violet”.

“I’m running to the first checkpoint and I’m about to puke! I’ve been getting all these feelings since I was doing it,” she said.

Finch later revealed that Violet had come 12th out of the 100 girls, achieving her “best time and best performance”.

The model later responded to the criticism, condemning those who wanted to attack her for encouraging her daughter.

“Just a quick message to anyone who wants to criticize or attack me personally because I want to support, encourage and motivate my child to do the best he can,” she said in an Instagram video.

“Some things just check your facts once and check back in eight or so years when Violet is grown up to see the progress.”

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