‘Misinformation’: The Project host Kate Langbroek’s wild EV stance

Project star Kate Langbroek made some wild remarks on the Network Ten show on Tuesday night that left some of her co-stars visibly confused.

During Tuesday’s episode, the panel discussed reports that overall electric car sales fell five percent in April after booming growth over the past three years.

Tesla’s sales fell 44 percent in April despite recent price cuts as it seeks to compete with China’s growing electric vehicle market.

The EV giant is struggling to shift its cars, and a picture of a lot full of unsold Teslas in Melbourne went viral on Tuesday.

Auto experts say the industry is struggling to expand beyond the early adopter stage, blaming poor charging infrastructure and poor aftermarket data. Project the Langbroek star has a completely different idea and wasn’t shy about sharing it.

But some say bad headlines and “misinformation” about the electric vehicle revolution have contributed to poor sales.

“Isn’t it funny that when we don’t want something we should want, it’s called disinformation?” Langbroek ranted. “The reason I don’t have it is information. I don’t want to wait four hours to charge my car. I don’t have a garage. I don’t have off street parking. How do I charge my car?”

Her comments didn’t seem to go down well with Waleed Aly, who was quick to suggest that the claim that electric vehicles are out of favor with the public is itself just a form of misinformation.

He suggested the drop in sales was likely due to Aussies having less money amid the cost of living crisis.

“It’s a fight, isn’t it?” he struck back. “All you’re doing is comparing last year to this year and then saying they’re down 5% … in a cost-of-living crisis.”

“Well then why did we publish the story?” laughed Langbroek.

“Well. I don’t know,” Aly muttered before making a confused expression and looking back at his teammate.

Sarah Harris then came on to point out that new technologies are always the most popular when they first hit the market, prompting Langbroak to make a wild comparison that baffled her fellow panellists.

“Just like my dad with the CD player,” she remarked. “And you know what, he turned out to be right! Who has a CD player now?”

Manufacturers are now heavily discounting new vehicles to get them off the showroom floor.

The all-new Tesla Model Y is now $11,400 cheaper. The Peugeot e2008 has been heavily discounted from $63,000 to $39,990. At the lower end of the market, GWM Ora fell 20 percent to $35,990.

Ahead of federal elections in 2022, the opposition – now the Albanian government – ​​predicted that electric vehicles would account for 89 percent of new car sales by 2030. Now the federal Department of Transportation believes they will be just 27 percent.

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