Robert Irwin sparks fierce backlash over new TV advert appearance

Rob Irwin is facing a backlash on social media after appearing in a new TV ad.

The star appears alongside G-Flip in an advert for Twisties, in which the pair argue over which flavor should be crowned Australia’s official Twistie.

Wearing green and gold, Robert advocated for Australians to vote for the chicken flavor while G-Flip fights for the cheese flavor.

“For my chookstituants. I say the chicken is the people’s Twistie. Sure, the cheese came first, but the second-borns were done to perfection, sorry Bindi,” the star says in the ad.

“Chicken has always been the flavor of our great southern country.”

Irwin also shared the video on his social media, captioning it: “Repping Team Chicken and Twisties great taste debate was not on my 2024 bingo card! But when Twisties calls, you answer. So let’s bring it home to the chicken and prove team cheese wrong!”

Unfortunately for the wildlife lover, the comments were quickly filled with negative remarks about his appearance, with many slamming the star as a “hypocrite” for supporting a meat-based product despite being an animal activist.

“This surprised me a lot and I’m a little disappointed! With all the knowledge we have now about the s**t that goes into food like this and of all people I never thought I’d see this,” one person wrote.

“For someone who loves animals, it amazes me that he would be in favor of one of these products that abuses and tortures living creatures,” said another.

A third chimed in saying, “Why are you aiming for a chicken if you’re such an animal lover? No animal should die for cheese.”

“I’m honestly surprised you’re not vegan or at least vegetarian @robertirwinphotography someone who loves animals and cares about them like you should care about animals in the meat industry,” ranted another.

No wonder Irwin agreed to film the ad after reports surfaced that he was paid a staggering fee for the 48-second clip.

According to reports Yahoo, was paid “at least $200,000” for his time. It’s the latest in a string of massive paydays for Irwin, who is expected to earn almost $500,000 for presenting Network Ten’s I’m a celebrity, get me out of Australia earlier this year.

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