Senator’s flirty X-rated quip stuns

Senator Jane Hume appears to have shocked even herself with an X-rated comment on Tuesday.

The Victorian senator chaired the Economic Legislation Committee for the 2024-25 budget estimates as she welcomed ASIC chairman Joe Long.

She then mentioned lycra, followed by a lively comment that caused the board room to erupt in laughter.

“I feel this is very embarrassing,” Senator Hume said.

“Every time I see Mr. Long, I feel like he’s at the gym on Saturday morning. So I apologize for the lycra.”

“His or yours?” someone off camera asks.

“Men of lesser worth have seen me in much less,” said Senator Hume.

To which Mr. Longo replied, “I want to reassure the committee that I will never be seen in lycra.”

Apparently, even Senator Hume was surprised by her candid confession.

“Sorry, I forgot about myself for a moment. Now I’m going to ask some questions about something serious,” she said.

Senator Hume’s comment received mixed reactions after it was published on X.

“How to completely discredit yourself in one sentence,” said one person.

“An own goal if ever there was one,” said another.

However, many people applauded Mrs Hume for making an otherwise dry board more entertaining.

“Very wonderful,” said one person. “The reality of everyday life and a refreshing joke.

“The location of the gym in Parliament means we all get to see a lot of Lycra and a lot of legs in sweaty shorts going by during the weeks of sitting.”

Senator Hume divorced her husband Andrew in 2013. She has three grown children.

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