Dad punches comedian onstage after joke about three-month-old son

A savage video shows a Spanish father naively slapping a comedian on stage for making a vile “sexualised” joke about his 3-month-old son on social media before his performance.

Comedian Jaime Caravaca was in the middle of a set in Madrid on Monday night when his enraged father, Alberto Pugilato, suddenly stormed the stage and hit him on the head.

The on-stage violence erupted after Caravaca reacted to a photo of his child Pugilato, a right-wing activist and musician, which he posted on X over the weekend with the caption “Pride and joy”.

“Nothing and no one can stop the possibility that he’s gay and when he grows up he’s sick of sucking black ck,” Caravaca tweeted back, according to a deleted screenshot circulating online.

Pugilato quickly shot back, “I guarantee you will apologize for what you said about my 3-month-old son and you will realize that real life is not Twitter.”

He followed through on his threat, and then Pugilato was filmed jumping on stage during Caravaca’s monologue and delivering a punch.

“You think my son was going to eat a d—k nigger? At three months old?” shouted the father, reports the local magazine Marca.

“What now? Tell me to my face, here and now,” he added.

It was not immediately clear whether Pugilato would face charges over the saga caught on camera.

The comedian later spoke about the attack on stage, tweeting that he had received death threats.

“What was meant as a joke ended up being an unfortunate and by no means appropriate comment on my part. I apologize to anyone who feels hurt,” he said.

“Let’s put violence aside and let a good world for people to grow freely.”

Pugilato quickly responded to the post, saying he accepted the comedian’s apology.

“I defend freedom of expression in the same way that I defend the right to reply. I wish you no harm and I hope this helps others understand that children are sacred. All the best,” he tweeted.

This article was originally published by the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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