Australia Mint unveils limited-run Bluey TV show $1 coin set

Popular Australian TV character Bluey will be featured in a new set of $1 “Dollarbuck” coins to be released by the Royal Australian Mint on Thursday.

The internationally famous Blue Heeler will be featured in three coins as part of the set; alone, with the Heeler family, and dressed as grandmothers.

The coins will be available in individual coin cards as well as three-coin envelope sets commissioned by Bluey animators Ludo Studio, which also include a set of stickers.

Royal Australian Mint CEO Leigh Gordon said the limited run was an opportunity for Australians to get involved in collecting coins from The Wiggles and Play School sets.

“It’s classic storytelling and a commentary on the social culture of the Mint through coins,” said Mr Gordon.

“With this new Bluey program, we hope to raise the coin collector of tomorrow.

“What better way to start your child or grandchild’s coin collection than with a Bluey coin?”

The coins will be available at EQL elections, the Canberra Mint store and authorized dealers.

BBC Studios director of brand and licensing ANZ Kate O’Connor said the coins captured the “playful essence of the popular series” and were a “timeless treasure”.

Bluey, created by Australian animator Joe Brumm, became an international success after first hitting the airwaves in October 2018.

Fans of the series cite the themes of family and coming of age, as well as its representation of Australian culture, set in suburban Brisbane.

In April, Bluey made international headlines amid fears the show was coming to an end; rumors that turned out to be untrue.

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