Chris Hemsworth features in star-studded ad for new mobile game

Chris Hemsworth has appeared in a star-studded advert for a new mobile game, leaving some of his fans scratching their heads.

The Australian actor, who is among the world’s highest-paid movie stars, fronts a five-minute promo for game development company Supercell’s latest free-to-play game, Squad Busters.

The actors, who appear alongside their film counterparts, including Christina Ricci, Ken Joeng, Will Arnett and Dolph Lundgren, are all dressed as life-size versions of the characters appearing in the game, which was produced by the same developers behind Clash of Clans in 2012.

Hemsworth portrays the ‘Barbarian King’ character, which is similar to his iconic Marvel character, Thor.

In the ad, we see the A-list group encouraging a would-be player to get out of bed and switch into gaming gear. “Come on, get up,” Hemsworth says.

“We’re here to make your life more fun,” adds Ricci.

They then follow the actor through his usual daily routine in a series of comedic scenes, including tagging along with him to a job interview and putting him in front of his boss.

“Your swordplay, tell him about your swordplay,” Hemsworth says. “He also looted some villages,” he adds.

Fans took to social media, baffled as to how the Finnish gaming company managed to lure such high-profile talent for its ad.

“Just saw an ad for a FREE game I’ve never heard of, starring Chris Hemsworth, Ken Jeong (Hangover/Community), Christina Ricci. Mobile game companies need to make in-app purchases mint,” one user wrote on X.

“How the hell did they get Chris Hemsworth to star in this ad,” asked another.

“Did I just see an ad for a mobile game with Chris Hemsworth and Ken Jeong,” wrote a third.

“Getting Chris Hemsworth in an ad for a Supercell game is crazy,” chimed in another.

Others, however, applauded the “ridiculous” promotion, with many saying it prompted them to download the game.

“Just came across this SquadBusters ad and it’s better than most of the movies released recently,” said one.

“I’m not going to lie, the ad with Chris Hemsworth for Squad Busters totally made me download the game today and I’m enjoying it,” wrote another.

“Brilliant ad. Chris Hemsworth is underrated. This game is actually fun as j#k,” wrote a third.

It comes as Hemsworth hits the big screen for his latest blockbuster Furiosa: The Mad Max SagaAustralian director George Miller’s fifth film in the franchise.

While it received favorable reviews, with a 90% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film proved sluggish at the box office within two weeks of its release.

As of June 4, it has earned $116 million at the worldwide box office against a budget of $168 million.

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