Racy new ‘rosette bikini’ trend explodes at Miami Swim Week 2024

The swimwear industry has taken a timeless wardrobe staple and given it a wild makeover – resulting in a new bikini fashion trend.

Rosettes, a flower-shaped ornament once associated with high society, have recently made a big comeback.

Finally, the bold accessory was popular in the ’90s and early ’90s, making it another Y2K throwback trend that has recently enjoyed a resurgence, along with over-jeans, baggy leggings and controversial visible G-strings.

But while many fashion brands are embracing the return of rosettes, embracing the rose-like design on T-shirts, pants and even hair accessories, the swimwear industry has decided to take the trend up a notch.

A number of catwalk shows at Miami Swim Week 2024 have revealed that designers are using the expressive flower to create modest shoes – and the result is very spicy.

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During Emma Savahl’s catwalk show, many models walked in a stunning two-piece dress with rosettes placed across the bust and bottom of the carrier.

The glamorous swimmers were held up by a very thin piece of silver fabric that was shaped into a unique G-string at the back.

In addition to the pink color, the mini swimsuit is also available in blue, proving that the American designer believes that this is the style of the season.

Milus Rose, a “luxury” swimwear brand, also presented “rosette bikinis” on its catwalk.

One model was photographed strutting down the catwalk in a pink micro bikini, consisting of a string bottom and miniature flowers covering her nipples.

Although he looks very cute, his ability to withstand the demands of swimming is questionable.

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Another model showed off a similar design at the one-week swimwear event, created by Diva Boutique, who are known for predicting and setting trends for the coming year, meaning we’ll be seeing the crazy cossie on Australian beaches very soon.

Her cossie featured two daisy-like flowers instead of the traditional bra top, which she wore with a pair of matching blush pink panties.

It seems to offer very little support, but it definitely showed off the bust of the wearer, so whether or not it’s the perfect bikini for your upcoming vacation depends on what kind of look you’re going for.

Boutique Diva also showed an oversized bikini design with a rosette in a light blue shade.

The model wore a floral bra with a matching blue pair of fabric bottoms, an extreme micro trend that debuted at the 2022 annual swimwear event.

She also teamed a micro cossie with a large choker, providing probably more coverage of her breasts than the bikini itself.

What do you think of the new rosette bikini trend? Would you wear it?

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