‘Disgusting’: Response to ex child star’s photo

Viral TikTok has revealed the crude comments former child star Francesca Capaldi has to deal with.

The 19-year-old actress is known for her work in the Disney series A dog with a blogwhere Chloe James played for three seasons from 2012 to 2015.

In fact, she knows it’s still her primary identifier, describing herself on Instagram as “that girl from A dog with a blog”.

The redhead has also amassed a huge online following, with more than two million followers on Instagram.

Like most young people, the actress shares her life online; there are many photos of her wearing small tops and baggy pants.

She also likes to pose with a body of water, be it the ocean or a swimming pool.

The star recently uploaded a photo of herself wearing a high neck green dress paired with black heels and stockings.

She captioned the photo: “Girls just want to have fun.”

The TikTok account Women’s Feeling, which has more than seven million likes and features content calling out everyday sexism, recently posted a video exposing the crude comments that were left on her photo.

The comments aren’t worth repeating, but the clip, which has racked up more than a million views, saw people repeatedly comment on Capaldi’s posts, making nasty comments about her breasts, including trying to guess the size of her cup.

Women online were quick to point out how disappointing this was, with one even going so far as to say the comments “broke her heart”.

Sure, Capaldi isn’t a kid anymore, but she’s still a teenager, not even old enough to drink in America, but she’s being heavily sexualized by men on the Internet.

Women were quick to point out that the actor was “so young”, but her very innocuous Instagram post was still left with X-rated comments.

Another asked what the men who comment on these things were hoping to “accomplish”. One woman said the comments made her “angry” while another said they were stunned to learn the comments were “true”.

The women were quick to point out that the actor shouldn’t have to deal with that.

“It just exists. I hate men,” wrote one, while another called the comments “disgusting.”

Another fan said she was “the sweetest thing” and they hated that she had to deal with it.

It wasn’t just on TikTok that people made rude comments. The actual post was also commented on by women who expressed their horror that the fun photo was taken over by comments that sexualized it.

“People are so annoying,” one commented, and similar comments followed.

“She’s 19 years old!!! These old men in the comments are sick,” said one.

“Girl, I’m so sorry for those comments,” another added.

“The disrespect is disgusting,” wrote a third.

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