Woolies slammed for sign targeting kids

Woolworths is under fire for posting a “poorly thought out” sign banning students from one of its stores with school bags.

A Sydney resident shared a photo on Reddit of a message plastered on the front door of a supermarket – but did not reveal which Woolworths location it was at.

The sign, which was printed in block letters and laminated, read: “School bags are not available between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.”

It continued: “Please leave school bags at store entrances.”

It is assumed that the sign in the store was an attempt to combat student theft, Kidspot reported.

But it may have inadvertently opened up another issue of theft, namely from unsupervised bags.

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The post was then flooded with hundreds of comments from parents, Woolies workers and Australians keen to share their thoughts.

“If they ask for the bags to be left outside then they take 100% responsibility for them,” one user claimed.

“My local is trying to enforce it but can’t do anything. There is no way my son would leave a bag with an expensive laptop unattended at the door,” the mother wrote.

“Really. They might as well say ‘Free MacBook Air drop-off,'” joked a third.

And someone else remarked, “Not all students are thieves, so this is just collective punishment for the few who are.”

However, others have argued that this was once a common practice.

“A lot of shops had signs like this when I was in school, decades ago. But we never had anything worth a damn in our bags,” said one person.

“My local used to do that when I was at school. We did leave our bags in a pile outside, but it was visible from the till, so no one tried anything,” said someone else.

A spokesman said The Daily Mailthat the sign has now been removed from the store and there has been no change to its policy allowing school bags in stores.

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