Prince William’s moving nod to absent Kate during D-Day anniversary event

Prince William spoke warmly of Princess Kate and her grandmother after the D-Day commemoration today.

The Prince of Wales joined his father, Queen Camilla and other leaders as they stood alongside war heroes at a poignant anniversary in Portsmouth, reports The sun.

The King and William took to the stage to pay tribute to veterans and their families.

Then they met some heroes.

There, William spoke to a woman about Princess Kate – and her grandmother.

Chatting to the woman believed to be the Bletchley Park code breaker, William said: “My wife’s grandmother did the same thing as you.

“Catherine only found out at the end of her life.”

Valerie Middleton, Kate’s grandmother, worked as a code breaker at Bletchley Park who broke the Enigma code.

The prince also spoke to other veterans – thanking them for their service and telling them how special it was.

He said: “I found all the stories and letters very moving, even now, 80 years later.

When a hero said ‘thank you’ to William, the Welsh prince replied: “No, we’re here to thank you.”

William said: “We’re here to say a big thank you to you and all your colleagues and friends who didn’t come back.”

The King was introduced to the 99-year-old paratrooper, who will turn 100 in August, and Charles said: “I’ll get your card ready.”

Earlier in the day, the monarch gave his first speech since being diagnosed with cancer.

He stood tall with his medals on his chest and Camilla by his side and told the veterans and their families, “We are all in their eternal debt.”

The king, who proudly wore the medals on his chest, said: “The stories of courage, endurance and solidarity that you have heard today and in our lives cannot but move us, inspire us and remind us what we owe to them. the great war generation, which is now tragically dwindling to so few.”

Charles said it was our privilege to hear the stories and continued: “It is our duty to ensure that we and future generations do not forget their service and their sacrifice in replacing tyranny with freedom.”

William stood not far from some of the country’s last surviving veterans as they looked back on the campaign that paved the way for peace and freedom in Europe.

He also took to the stage to say how “deeply honoured” he was to join them today.

The prince told the crowd: “Our guests of honor today are those veterans of the Normandy landings who came from all over our nation and from all walks of life to join the fight against tyranny.

“Many of those who took up arms had never fought before, some were still in their teens.”

The Prince then read moving letters from the diaries of war heroes before adding: “We will always remember those who served and those who waved to them.

“Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters who watched their loved ones go off to fight, unsure if they would ever return.

“Today we remember the courage of those who crossed this sea to liberate Europe. The ones who made Operation Overlord a success.

“And those who were waiting for a safe return.”

Dame Helen led the moving event and praised the bravery of the veterans who sat nearby.

She told the crowds: “It is a tremendous privilege to be present today with some of those who have contributed to this remarkable feat.

“Your courage remains as inspiring as it was eight decades ago. Thank you.”

This article was originally published in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.

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