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The Free Fire esports scene in Malaysia increases after the end of the spring season. As the new fall season is here, the clock is ticking for it to begin Free Fire World Series (FFWS) MY Fall 2024. With a cheap ticket for FUSE SEA Fall 2024they will also distribute a total of the event 50,000 dollars as a prize pool. While the teams pack up for preparations, let’s take a look at the event.

Free Fire World Series (FFWS) MY Fall 2024: Schedule and Format

Right after the end Spring season, teams have started signing up for the next fall season of 2024. The in-game qualifiers have started online to select some teams while others will join from the previous season. However, teams already invited to the next major event after this National Championship are not eligible to participate in FFWS MY Fall 2024.

with 18 teamsthe elimination part will start on June 15, 2024 and will end on 30. The teams will be divided into 3 groups of 6 and played 36 matches together. Each matchday will feature 6 matches, making the total number 6 matches. While the knockout phase will pass at the halfway mark, the groups will be shuffled to ensure a fair and competitive event. The top 12 teams will be promoted to Rush points and The grand finale.

Free Fire World Series (FFWS) MY Spring 2024 Grand Final Match 3Free Fire World Series (FFWS) MY Spring 2024 Grand Final Match 3
Image via Garen

The next level, Point Rush, will start at July 6 and ends the next day. The remaining 12 will play 12 matches, 6 matches per day. This stage will offer starting points to participating teams. Finally, the grand finale will take place July 27, 2024. It will be held offline and 6 matches will be played to select the champion and also the winner of the direct spot for FFWS SEA Fall 2024.

Participating teams

Three teams from the spring 2024 season, one Malaysian team dropped out of FFWS Southeast Asia Spring 2024, and 14 from the Online Qualifying Finals will join the fray. Although 12 teams will compete in the Grand Final, the intense battle will begin when 18 teams hit the road. Here is the list of participating teams:

  • HomeBois
  • Axis Esports
  • Freedom Rumble
  • A-sport
  • a dagger
  • Twenty one
  • Sword Academy
  • Fighting lizard
  • Ordinary people
  • Negative one
  • Elite
  • STP Son of Gun
  • Titan pursues
  • Argon MY
  • AutoKnockout
  • thread
  • Green tea
  • Last minute

Prize fund

Huge 50,000 dollars is intended for the teams that the participants get after the event. Depending on the standings at the end of the Grand Final, all teams will pocket a decent amount. In addition, the champion will qualify for the regional competition, FUSE SEA Fall 2024. Here is the distribution of the prize pool in the Grand Final.

Grand Finals of the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) MY Spring 2024Grand Finals of the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) MY Spring 2024
Image via Garen
Team ranking prize money
Champion 18,000 dollars
Second place 9000 dollars
3 3500 dollars
4 1800 dollars
5 1400 dollars
6 1100 dollars
7th – 8th $700
9-10 $550
11. – 12 $350

Where to watch FFWS MY fall 2024

As the date of the event approaches, the excitement is always at its peak and boasts an unforgettable event for all fans. While I am excited to watch the live stream, allow me to share the handles of where the event will be streamed live. In addition, Malaysian fans are eagerly waiting to see the national championship and the top-ranked team that will represent the country in the regional finals.

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