Abbie Chatfield defends comments about new man

Australian musician Adam Hyde is a star in his own right. But since he and Abbie Chatfield went public with their relationship this week, many have been calling him “Abbie Chatfield’s new boyfriend” – and she doesn’t like it, nor do his fans.

Muso is one half of the ARIA-winning electric duo Peking Duk, with Hyde and his bandmate Reuben Styles, who have been popular on the music scene since releasing their bootleg remix of Passion Pit in 2012.

Somehow, though, some TikTok users only got to know him this week when he joined Chatfield on hers There’s a lot going on with Abbie Chatfield podcast to reveal that they were secretly dating.

It dawned on one TikToker that she had actually unknowingly met Hyde months ago when he helped her fix the juicer at the cafe she worked at – and was amused by two degrees of separation from Chatfield.

People are upset because the singer is called Peking Duk

“When you unknowingly invite abbie chatfields new boyfriend to your work to unclog the juicer 6 months ago,” the user captioned a video of the moment on TikTok.

The comments section of the user’s post exploded, with many pointing out that Hyde was known long before Chatfield appeared on Bachelor in 2019.

“Calling him Abbie’s boyfriend before Peking Duke is crazy,” wrote one, while another commented, “Poor guy spent years building a career in the music industry to be known as Abbie Chatfields boyfriend.”

“What a way to cut an incredibly successful music career,” another commented, while one said: “He’s more famous than Abbie.”

Even Chatfield herself came to his defense.

“Hey guys, did you know this guy is from Peking Duke?” she wrote.

However, some have defended the TikToker, saying it’s high time the tables were turned.

“Let men live in a matriarchal world for once. That’s what I’m here for,” one pointed out, while another echoed, “It’s so funny men jump up and down about that description when women are constantly described that way in the media.”

One person who isn’t jumping up and down with outrage is Hyde himself, who has stood up for the TikToker on the platform via his own handle @keliholiday.

“Happy to help you, legend,” he wrote, mentioning his ability to repair the juicer. “for the ppl in the comments thx 4 the concerns but I’ll be happy to be X tagged any day @AbbieChatfield boy.”

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