27yo’s wild move after being made redundant

Amie Maclaine flees the country after being fired from her regular marketing gig and feels completely liberated.

She plans to spend all her money, has no return date and is desperate to get out and live her life.

“I was fired from my job. So I booked one-way flights to Europe and plan to spend every cent in my bank account with no plan for the other side,” she shared online.

It may sound drastic, bordering on irresponsibility, but for a young worker, this seems like the right answer to losing his job.

Ms Maclaine, 27, lives in Canberra and has always been conservative. She went to university, got a grad job, and worked her way up the ladder…then they pulled her up the corporate ladder while she was still climbing.

The young worker was “shocked” when her employer informed her that she was being fired.

“The layoff was a big shock. The group let go of the entire marketing team, which is really sad,” she told news.com.au.

The 27-year-old reveals his plan after losing his job

The layoff was not immediate, and Ms. Maclaine, who earned an $85,000 annual salary, spent the next two weeks in the office as if she had not just lost her job.

“I was in a big shock. It was hard to understand that he goes to work every day with everyone who still had a job,” she admitted.

When Ms Maclaine first found out she had lost her job, she kept it quiet and felt “embarrassed”, even though she knew she had done nothing wrong.

It wasn’t until she talked to her friends that she realized how common it was. At the same time, three of her comrades, who live all over Australia, were also fired.

It made her want to talk about it.

“Just because you’re fired doesn’t mean your life is over,” she said.

She also began to think about how she wanted to see her life.

Did she need to get on SEEK and start applying for other jobs or was it time for a reset?

The 27-year-old was currently living at home with her mother and wasn’t paying “stupid amounts of rent” for the first time in years, so she was in a good position to not have to jump straight to her next job.

Ms. Maclaine was in her early twenties when the pandemic broke out, and she has mourned the loss of time ever since.

She was meant to be partying, traveling and dating, but instead she was holed up in the house doing rapid antigen tests.

“I felt like I lost the youth of my twenties because of the pandemic,” she said.

The pressure of the pandemic also had to do with the fact that Ms. Maclaine spent so much of her twenties doing some very adult stuff.

“In 2021, my father died of cancer, and last year one of my best friend’s brothers died of cancer, he was only 28 years old,” she said.

The combination of losing and losing her job made her realize something.

“Life is too short,” she said.

Of course, she could have stayed, saved her pennies, found another job and continued the hustle and bustle of the 9 to 5, or she could have taken this moment as an opportunity.

“Once I came to terms with it, I thought it was a great opportunity to travel. To tick things off my bucket list that I’ve always wanted to do,” she said.

Besides, when will this opportunity come again? Sure, it was forced upon her, but it also allowed her to reevaluate.

“When will I get another chance like this? That I was forced to take leave and I didn’t have to give notice, that I took six months off,” she said.

Right now, for the first time in a long time, she feels so “liberated” and sees forgiveness as a “blessing in disguise.”

“I’m very lucky that the layoff didn’t shake up my life too much, I didn’t have any financial problems and it gave me the opportunity to do the things I love,” she said.

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