‘Missing’ Cadbury block sparks frenzy after it finally lands on shelves

A hotly-anticipated new Cadbury block has sparked a frenzy after it hit shelves – weeks after supermarkets made way for it.

The confectionery giant confirmed the Dairy Milk Mudcake bar last month, prompting eager shoppers to seek it out on the shelves.

When Woolworths made room for it in the lollipop aisle and even advertised it with a yellow price tag, many foodies were taken aback.

But their joy was short-lived when the new chocolate bar did not appear, leading some to share their disappointment on social media.

Pictures of the empty shelves soon began circulating online, with Melbourne foodie @AngeEats telling news.com.au he was “confused” to see the product on the shelves, only to find that stock was “completely missing”.

He elaborated on the bizarre situation on his podcast The Food Guys, stating that he visited every Woolies he could in search of a Cadbury Mudcake chocolate bar, but to no avail.

“We’ve been trying to find these new things every hour of the day and we’re always so disappointed,” he said.

“Where is?”

But, alas, it seems the hustle has “finally” paid off after one of Ange’s co-hosts spotted a block of chocolate in Woolworths.

The craze over Cadbury's new chocolate bar

A Woolworths spokesperson told news.com.au the new line was officially launched on June 5 and will be rolled out in 1000 stores by the end of the week.

Meanwhile, Cadbury did not elaborate on the confusion surrounding the bar’s release, but said it was excited for Australians to try the new sweet treat.

“The Cadbury Dairy Milk Mudcake block is now available to buy in selected Woolworths supermarkets,” a spokesperson told news.com.au.

“This special edition block was inspired by the timeless household favorite chocolate cake, often shared by family and friends on special occasions.

“Our unique take on this classic Australian treat combines Cadbury’s smooth and creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk and Dream’s white chocolate blend with rich choc flavored cream and cookie bits. Don’t miss your chance to try the Cadbury Dairy Milk Mudcake block now available for your enjoyment.”

Early reviews of the bar, however, have been mixed, with Ange Eats revealing that while it doesn’t taste as good as he expected, it “does taste nice”.

“The cookies add a nice crunch to it. It tastes like marble on the outside, and the filling is similar to Cadbury’s milk chocolate, but in a fuller form,” he said.

Overall, he decided it didn’t taste like mud cake, but said it was still a nice chocolate block.

Fellow food blogger @dub.eats.everything said the bar “smells so good”.

“It’s quite a fire. This chocolate cream is almost like fudge, which gives it a mudcake, and the cookie bits give it a cakey touch,” he said.

“But the marble succeeds with little lines on top of the mud cake. Overall a good bar. It’s not quite a mud cake, but it’s still fire.’

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