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The Ministry of Energy unveils an Energy Terminology Dictionary in collaboration with the Saudi Language Academy

RIYADH: The Ministry of Energy, in collaboration with the King Salman Global Academy for the Arabic Language, launched a comprehensive dictionary of energy terminology in Arabic and English on Thursday.

The Saudi Press Agency reported that the first edition of the dictionary contains more than 1,500 terms classified into eight categories: oil and gas, atomic and nuclear energy, sustainability, electricity, renewable energy, units of measurement, names of entities and initiatives, and common abbreviations. This dictionary provides a reliable reference for all terminology used in the energy sector and allows standardization of their use in different content formats.

Notable features include an interactive, easy-to-use digital version and alphabetical organization in both languages.

The dictionary was prepared by national experts in the energy sector and reviewed and approved by KSGAAL’s specialized linguistics team.

A comprehensive methodology consisting of six main stages was used in the development of the dictionary. First, English terms were collected from various specialized sources of energy. These terms were then translated into Arabic following the principles of accurate translation. The expressions were then classified according to different energy fields and then technically and linguistically reviewed by experts in energy and linguistics. The terms were then sorted alphabetically. Finally, terms with different usage in different regions and countries have been standardized according to common usage in the energy sector in the Kingdom.

Ongoing efforts will ensure that the dictionary evolves in step with developments in the field.

You can access the dictionary via the following link:

You can also search for it on the Siwar digital dictionary platform at:

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