Toddler who was allegedly refused blood test dies in hospital

The parents of a toddler who tragically died in hospital after doctors allegedly refused their requests for blood tests have come forward.

21-month-old Sandipan Dhar, from the northern suburb of Joondalup, Perth, succumbed to leukemia on March 24.

His parents first took him to Key Largo Medical Center’s general practitioner office as he struggled with a persistent fever, but their request for a blood test was denied despite repeated visits.

According to the parents, the doctors assured them that no further tests were necessary and advised to monitor Sandipan at home.

“The doctors said we don’t need to do any further tests and just take Sandipan home and monitor him for at least five days to see if his fever comes down,” said father Sanjoy Dhar via West Australian.

But Sandipan’s condition continued to deteriorate. His parents presented themselves again at the Joondalup Health Campus, only to be turned away with the same advice.

Sandipan’s decline began after the 18-month vaccination on February 19, after which he developed fever.

Despite repeated visits and calls to his parents’ GP surgery, they were reassured that post-vaccination fevers were normal and were advised to treat her with Panadol and Nurofen.

When they returned two days later, Sandipan was struggling to breathe and an X-ray showed he had pneumonia and had to be put on oxygen.

“I asked the doctors how quickly pneumonia can develop because we brought Sandipan on Friday and they said he was perfectly fine,” Mr Dhar said.

“They didn’t get back to me and said they needed to do further investigations.”

Mr Dhar said he was baffled when doctors asked why Sandipan had not been brought in earlier, even though he had been told he was fine only days before.

“The doctors and nurses on duty tried to put all the blame on us, saying we came too late,” he said.

“But when we said that we were in the hospital on Friday, they just kept quiet. Since then, they haven’t used a single word about our child’s complications.”

Tragically, Sandipan’s condition rapidly deteriorated during his treatment at the hospital.

His mother said she noticed blood coming from his mouth when he was taken to the emergency room.

Two hours later he was dead.

An autopsy revealed that the boy was suffering from leukemia, a diagnosis he had missed during his many visits to the doctor.

Mr Dhar said Sandipan’s death had shaken his family to its core.

“Seeing the photos makes Sandipan’s four-year-old brother Mrinal upset as he still refuses to believe that he won’t be back,” Mr Dhar said.

“For days we tried to explain to Mrinal, but it would upset him so much that we ended up lying and saying that his brother had left for a while.”

Key Largo Medical Center declined to comment on the tragedy.

Ramsay Health Care, which operates the Joondalup Health Campus, said in a statement that it was “unlikely that Sandipan’s hospital care was a factor in his death”.

A spokesman said samples collected from Sandipan “showed features of an undiagnosed protracted acute illness which may have contributed to his death”.

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