Margot Robbie’s personal trainer on reality of celeb transformations

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The celebrity trainer behind Margot Robbie’s grueling workout regimes has revealed the “hard” truth about the Australian star’s intense fitness schedule.

David Higgins participated in the filming Barbie, The last of us, black Widow and Batman movies to help the stars get camera ready.

The celebrity trainer has been tight-lipped about the actual work he has done with Robbie since they met on set Tarzanhowever, she credited the father-of-three with getting her into the “best shape” of her life.

But he very openly admitted people who want to be seen as stars.

“I think it’s important for people to understand that even though we’re positioning these people as the epitome of health and wellness, we’re working towards it, but know that it’s very difficult,” Higgins told

“I work with these people every day for months and months and months. And that’s for work. It is not for vacation or for a long life.

“I have clients that I work with long-term, but the aesthetics that are out there are considered ‘optimal,’ we work very hard to achieve that, and it’s not easy.”

He also pointed out that exercise goals change over the years, with the 41-year-old saying that 20 years ago it was all about building muscle on the beach.

Now it’s a climbing frame for his three boys when he walks out the door.

He said that the latter was easier for him to stick to because it was “out of love, devotion and to be a good father”.

“I think everyone has their own reason for wanting to do certain things. And that’s up to them. It’s all about finding something to hang your hat on,” he added.

The celebrity trainer also pointed out that the exercises each person goes through depend on their circumstances, for example an elite athlete preparing for the Olympics would not train the same way as a postpartum person.

Higgins is the author of the book Hollywood body planwhich is a “back to basics” guide.

“It’s for people who want to improve or adapt or improve from within.” he said.

“What I’m interested in is physical exertion, not killing myself with HIIT, but engagement, proper alignment, body position and posture.

“Then you generally use certain modalities to build health, strong from within, quite similar to the approach of the Pilates method.”

Higgins has now partnered with Eimele Calibrate Reds, a supplement designed to promote weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

He said that he has been approached by various brands several times, but is particularly selective about what he deals with.

“I always have to try things out first before I say anything. And to me, it’s such an interesting supplement because gut health is so important along with regularity and making sure you’re getting the right nutrients into your system.”

Higgins is active on Instagram and YouTube.

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