South Bank: Taiwanese nationals attacked in Brisbane

A group of Taiwanese nationals have been attacked by a gang in Brisbane in a shocking incident believed to be racially motivated.

The incident happened in the South Bank shortly before 10pm on Monday night, with one of the victims sharing a video of the attack on Instagram, which was then picked up by international media.

Four people were attacked, two 24-year-old men, one 23-year-old woman and one 24-year-old woman.

One of the victims, Wu Aiting, shared a video of herself walking on Instagram, while someone could be heard screaming in the background.

The footage cuts out several times, but she can be heard repeatedly shouting “no”, “no” and “please stop”.

In one video, a man is seen on the ground while the female repeatedly hits him on the head and back, while another girl is seen on the ground next to him.

“We were just walking down the street,” Ms Aiting wrote on her page.

“Four people (two men and two women) came and shouted at us, and then they started attacking us, beating us, saying they were only attacking us because we were Asian.

“All three of us are injured to varying degrees, my leg was scratched with wounds and one of my friends has a (swollen) head.”

Ms Aiting said one of her friends had suffered eye injuries, one was under observation for a concussion and another was seriously injured.

“We want to file a lawsuit against these four people for physical assault and racial discrimination. They may not be over 18, but there is a juvenile court that should serve us justice,” she wrote.

The incident attracted the attention of the Taiwanese media and the story was picked up there.

The person involved in the attack has not yet been identified.

A Queensland Police spokesperson told NewsWire that no weapon was used in the attack.

“Investigations into this attack are actively continuing,” they said.

“Police are in the process of reviewing CCTV and formally speaking to witnesses and victims.

“The South Brisbane Intercultural Liaison Unit is also working with the Taipei and Economic Cultural Bureau to make contact with the victim who has since returned overseas.”

Police are urging anyone with information about the incident to contact them.

NewsWire has reached out to Ms. Aiting for further comment.

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