‘Should be illegal’: KitKats and tomato sauce combination goes viral

The latest disturbing food trend to grace the Zate TikTok page is a KitKat bar slathered in… tomato sauce.

The combination of the popular chocolate and tomato-based condiment has gone viral in every possible way, whether it’s topped, dipped like chips, or completely smothered in it. The New York Post reports.

Many people are naturally horrified by the odd pairing, but others insist it’s worth a try.

Bizarre food combinations should be illegal

The trend seems to have first come full circle in 2021, but it’s picked up again – so much so that even Heinz and KitKat have gotten on board.

The official KitKat Instagram account posted a video of employees trying out the combo themselves to mixed reviews — and mixed responses in the comments.

“I feel like this trend is going to take some time to ketchup,” one person joked.

“Prison. now. Bye,” wrote another.

“The fact that this is coming from the official KitKat site scares me,” said someone else.

Even KitKat Canada jokingly expressed concern, commenting, “Is everything okay over there?”

One TikTok user tried it in response to a comment claiming the snack was “surprisingly good,” and although he “had doubts,” he laughed after taking a bite.

“Does the government know about this?” he said.

“This seems illegal to me. That should be illegal. Why does this work?”

“How do people find these combinations?? Was it like, ‘Oops, I poured ketchup on it and said ‘Fuck it, I’m going to eat it anyway’??'” one person asked in the comments.

“I can’t decide if I’m more upset about the combination or the way you ate the KitKat,” wrote another, noting how the user bit into the bar instead of breaking it.

While bundling isn’t necessarily the obvious choice, there’s a reason why it works and why it has some shockingly positive reviews.

The saltiness of the sauce actually complements the sweet cocoa of the KitKat – much like the sweet and salty treats people often crave. The sweetness and tartness of the two go well together, as does the crunchy texture of the bar and the umami notes of the tomato sauce.

Combining tomatoes with chocolate isn’t all that unusual either, given that tomatoes are actually derived from strawberries, Foodie says.

Could this be the big snack combo of the future? Heinz and KitKat seem to think so, hinting at a possible collaboration.

The two brands posted a mockup of the “KitKat’chup” bar on Instagram.

“What were you drinking before you posted this??” commented a worried fan.

“Still time to delete this,” joked another.

This article was originally published on The New York Post and has been reproduced with permission

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