Ed Sheeran reveals he doesn’t have a phone

Ed Sheeran’s ‘bad habits’ don’t include phone addiction.

The 33-year-old UK singer, who is one of the world’s best-selling musicians, casually revealed in a new interview that he hasn’t used an iPhone in nine years.

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When we talk about Therapuss with Jake Shan podcast, Sheeran admitted after offering to exchange emails with the show’s host.

“I don’t have a number,” Sheeran said.

“I’m not kidding you either. I haven’t had a phone since 2015.”

The Grammy winner, who shares two young children with wife Cherry Seaborn, said he decided to give up his phone after people bombarded him with messages when he became famous.

“I think I’ve had the same number since I was about 15,” Sheeran continued.

“I became famous and I had 10,000 contacts on my phone that were…people just texting all the time. And I was constantly in contact with a lot of people.

“I feel like with the phones, everyone expects you to answer, and if you don’t answer, it’s rude.

“Sometimes you just don’t have room to answer, you’re busy or doing whatever else. But then you reply, then they reply… and suddenly you’re in 40 conversations at once.”

Furthermore, Sheeran felt that he was “losing interaction in real life”.

“So I got rid of it [my phone]. I got an iPad, I transferred everything to an email that I answer once a week,” he said.

“I have a thing for video stuff that would then go on social media, but it’s not like an active working phone.”

The Perfect The singer has nearly 50 million followers on Instagram, which appears to be managed by members of his crew.

Meanwhile, the megastar has a busy tour schedule over the next few months, where he is scheduled to perform at a number of festivals across Europe until September.

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