Oz Comic Con: get your nerd on at Melbourne’s Oz Comic Con

Cosplayers, anime fans, creative minds and nerds alike are enjoying a wild and wacky few days at Melbourne’s Oz Comic Con this long weekend.

One of the largest comic conventions in Australia, Oz Comic Con attracts huge crowds every year.

Sci-fi and fantasy fans can meet and hear from those who work in the industry, from actors, voice actors, professional cosplayers, artists, writers and many more.

in Melbourne, Doctor Who star John Barrowman and Star Wars Rebels star Tiya Sircar gives fans in attendance an incredible insight into their performances.

Fans of the long-running sci-fi show will recognize the charming smile of Captain Jack Harkness, a character Mr. Barrowman played in both major Doctor Who series and spin off show Torchwood.

Other hosting gigs in Melbourne include Danganronpa’s psychotic bear Monokuma voice actor Brian Beacock, Crunchyroll powerhouse Christina Kelly, It was once Emilie de Ravin, Supernatural Jim Beaver, Night of the Living Dead Patricia Tallman and many others.

In addition to guest speakers, fans perform their best cosplay of characters from multiple franchises or compete in a cosplay championship for fun.

The best cosplayers from each of the six countries the convention travels to will compete to be crowned the grand champion.

Some of the best cosplay seen at the Melbourne convention came from a wide range of characters.

Many visitors should prepare for trouble and double it after spotting Jessie, James and Meowth Pokemon!

Although not historically accurate, and unfortunately, since the real Anastasia Romanov did not survive the overthrow of the royal family, this cosplay of the Grand Duchess of Russia is still amazing.

Anyone who’s been on TikTok, YouTube or has Amazon Prime will recognize several of Hell’s Princesses Charlie Morningstar and Hell’s Best Dad Lucifer from the hit show Hotel Hazbin.

Old school sci-fi fans won’t be disappointed, as some people have made movies from cult classics like Predators, and a few have been spotted around the hunt convention.

Incredibly detailed Star Wars Ahsoka Tano was there to supervise them.

Fans hoping to get an autograph or a selfie from their idols were not disappointed.

While the Adelaide and Perth comic conventions have already passed, those in Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane still have a chance later this year.

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