Aussies going wild for $10 Kmart camping shower

As Australia’s van life revolution continues to kick up dust in our faces (and make fun of “look at me, I’m not at work” bikini posts on our Instagram feeds), The Great Unwashed have finally realized one thing: many of Australia’s most beautiful beaches don’t have shower

But there is a solution.

Enter: solar shower.

Instead of the usual DIY installation of PVC pipe, painting it black and fiddling with pipe fittings and end caps – rather than even a date with the tradie – there’s another way to ensure a nice warm shower after a bath. the ocean.

Portable camping shower.

This epic addition is slowly but surely taking over the roofs of cars and vans across Australia.

It is also booming on TikTok.

The way it works is simple. You strap it to the roof of your car (while it’s full of water), let the blazing El Niño summer sun warm it all day, enjoy your secret swimming cave or swim in the beautiful fairy pool, get back in your car and enjoy 30 seconds (or whatever long conscience allows you to waste water) of bliss.

They are also great for washing up when camping without running water.

The Kmart Solar Shower is cheap, easily available for purchase anywhere (if you live near a Kmart) and great value at only $10, it’s hard to pass up whether you’re new to camping or have been doing it for years . The only thing to keep in mind is that if you are going to be off the grid for a long time, you can probably put more water in the PVC pipe. Also, it’s not a camping brand, so it’s not the best quality option (although it’s great for the price).

This article originally appeared on Escape and has been republished with permission

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